Jul 9, 2015


I almost forgot what it feels like to wear 1 pump of foundation! Let me tell you, feels like nothing. And that's the best feeling. Without realizing, I've been putting on tons & tons of makeup over the past year or so. But Summer rolled on and I want as less product on my face as possible. Here's my Summer "no makeup" make up look!

from drab to fab


After moisturizing, I prime using this illuminating L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer. When I have plump and bright canvas, I move onto foundation. I mix one pump my one and only True Match with one pump of the mentioned primer. It gives even more brightness without sheering out any coverage of the foundation. I pay extra attention to blending the product on my jawline/neck and my hairline as I have a tan to match!


Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact Powder sets my foundation for the day. It gives a very natural skin-like finish, not too matte. Most of the time, I dust it lightly using a soft duo fibre brush. But it's actually a quite pigmented powder, so if I end up wanting a fuller coverage, I use a sponge to press the product into my skin which gives me this flawless finish without unnatural!


Ugh, I have 99 problems and my brows are all of them. However, with these two products I manage to get a semi-decent and somewhat socially acceptable brow. First off, I define and fill in my brows using Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in 'permanent taupe'. It's THE color for your brows, trust me. Has a cold undertone and is a very ashy taupe. I follow it up by using another cold toned brown eyeshadow by Makeup Revolution, I only use it on the tail of the brow. I feel like this is where the brow should be the darkest and most defined, ya kno. 


Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara in 'black brown' is my new favorite! It doesn't look as heavy as black mascara, this one makes it seem like you have naturally long and curled lashes. And since it's waterproof it holds the curl like no other mascara I've tried! It's very buildable as well. LOVE. IT. SO MUCH. 


Bourjois Délice de Poudre Duo is my vital finishing touch. I don't contour, just carelessly swirl this bronzer around my cheek area and temples. Even the tiniest bit adds dimension to my face so it doesn't look flat, who'd want that?!

And that's all there is to it! A fuss-free summery look which is as bare as I get. Need something to match my tan after all! 

Happy Summerin' yall,

Jun 25, 2015


Mid-June here in England feels so uncertain about Summer; it awkwardly fluctuates between i-dont-care-im-gonna-wear-a-bikini-to-work and October-ish sweater weather. All that with a 95% chance of drizzling mess. So it's a bit too soon to indulge in a full-on Summer style, but we're well on our way! Therefore, the English summertime has played in favor of one of my latest looks. Basic and very much a style cliche. A trustee pair of skinnies, white tee, good ol leather jacket and black pointed flats. 

leather jacket - zara  ·  skinny jeans - primark  ·  white tee - zara  ·  flats - h&m  ·  sunglasses - vintage inclined  ·  watch - daniel wellington

In other words - my ultimate wardrobe staples. Here's a lil piece of #fashun advice for ya: nothing says "I have money" and "I know what I'm doing" more than elegantly basic and effortlessly thrown together looks. Trust me, you need these core pieces in your closet; it's so easy to build your outfits around them and achieve your own effortlessly chic. Bonus: when you can't be bothered, wear all of it at once and stride the streets proudly like yours truly. 

bisou bisou,


It's no news that I don't do "haul" posts on my blog, but I've decided I might do a few once in a while; only if I buy something that truly excites me and/or is blog-post-worthy in my opinion. Some shopping sprees must be blogged about as Instagram just doesn't cut it!


Some of my most recent beauty purchases include skincare that's meant to hydrate and nourish. I'd fight with my awfully oily skin until I started lathering it in various oils. If you're dealing with the same problem, you might want to consider the fact that the reason why your skin produces so much oil is that you're providing it with none! Using (coconut, rosehip, avocado..) oils on my face has balanced out the natural oils of my skin completely. 

For the past 6 months or so I've been buying products designed for dry/dehydrated skin types that are (obviously) packed with hydrating goods which are not solely oils. I obviously need skincare for under my makeup etc.  (Lil tip: most of the time it's anti-ageing skincare, so don't stay clear of those when shopping - it might work magic on you!) Today I'm sharing few of my latest buys in that area. 


For some reason I had my hopes up for this one even though it's not really up there. But at the same time, I haven't heard any negative feedback either. And it was so cheap on Feel Unique, I couldn't pass it on! Now I'm not disappointed with this buy, it's just that I expected a bit more from it. I thought it's gonna be much more.. intense (in terms of hydrating properties). It's only 30ml so you'd expect a decent effect off a one pump. Instead I have to use 2-3 pumps at a time, so I'm already halfway through the bottle (been using it for less than 2 weeks)! Don't get me wrong though, I do enjoy it as a daily pre-makeup serum. It doubles for a moisturizer too, if I'm not leaving the house. I would probably even repurchase this, but there are so many other serums out there I want to try!


I've used this mask a fair amount of times as well so I do have some things to say. First off, equal parts - the packaging and the word manuka were the main factors that sold me this product. I was running out of my Origins Drink Up overnight mask so I needed something in its place. This one is not to be used overnight, however that's exactly what I do. It's not one of those masks that just sit on your face, this one kinda sinks into your skin like a heavy moisturizer (it is a treatment after all) so I don't find it uncomfortable to sleep in at all. I put it on after using exfoliating and using clay masks (around 3 times a week), to regain moisture and nourish my skin throughout the night. Most of the time it helps me wake up with a plumper-feeling face; it depends on how well I exfoliate beforehand.


A moisturizer with a decent amount of SPF was all I was after. I picked this one up because Boots is Boots and has offers on everything all the time. In this case, you get a 150ml (!) bottle of thermal water if you buy a moisturizer. The best combo for summer! I love the moisturizer; it's not shiny if worn on its own even though it's rich and hydrating. My makeup goes on perfectly over this. It dissolves and absorbs into skin completely, there's no white cast or anything because of the spf in it. However, I will be looking for a moisturizer which is higher in spf; I use a 30 for my body, so I've decided I need a 50 for my face. This moisturizer could be perfect for sun-less days/seasons!

I will most likely write up my final thoughts on these products once they end up in my 'empties bucket'. Which will definitely happen as I love them and will most definitely use up in no time! I'm always on a hunt for intensely hydrating skincare and am always open for suggestions, feel free to leave your finds or recommendations in the comments :^)

bisou biosu,



Beach days are upon us, in all their salt-scented glory! It's the ultimate thoughts-free zone which, of course, must be approached in a carefree manner with a fuss-free choice of garments. I'm really the last person to wear body chains, feathers and head pieces to beach. Sure, boho is summery and very instagram-worthy indeed. For me, it all comes down to comfort though. Strangling myself with multi-layered necklaces all day is the last thing I want! Lets leave all of the above for coachella and those Summer pinterest boards which supposedly are your inspiration for your Summer2k15. 

In my previous #fashun post I stated how simple monochrome outfits say I-don't-have-time-for-any-of-this-but-I-know-what-I'm-doing. My effortless take on beachwear ended up with a comfy jersey maxi skirt and my beloved white V-neck. Nothing offsets sun-kissed skin better than white, duh!