Jun 25, 2015


Mid-June here in England feels so uncertain about Summer; it awkwardly fluctuates between i-dont-care-im-gonna-wear-a-bikini-to-work and October-ish sweater weather. All that with a 95% chance of drizzling mess. So it's a bit too soon to indulge in a full-on Summer style, but we're well on our way! Therefore, the English summertime has played in favor of one of my latest looks. Basic and very much a style cliche. A trustee pair of skinnies, white tee, good ol leather jacket and black pointed flats. 

leather jacket - zara  ·  skinny jeans - primark  ·  white tee - zara  ·  flats - h&m  ·  sunglasses - vintage inclined  ·  watch - daniel wellington

In other words - my ultimate wardrobe staples. Here's a lil piece of #fashun advice for ya: nothing says "I have money" and "I know what I'm doing" more than elegantly basic and effortlessly thrown together looks. Trust me, you need these core pieces in your closet; it's so easy to build your outfits around them and achieve your own effortlessly chic. Bonus: when you can't be bothered, wear all of it at once and stride the streets proudly like yours truly. 

bisou bisou,

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