Jan 31, 2013

DAYS IN are my favorite days

T H U R S D A Y ,  J A N U A R Y  3 1
As laziness and drowsiness are taking over my Thursday, I am writing a related post. The days in appreciation post! Oh, so much love for days like those. Such occasions are quite common and frequent in my life, when I hermit myself up in my bedroom. Nothing else but me, my movies and tv series, a book and gallons of tea (or cocoa, as I developed quite an addiction recently). Let's have a look one of those days I had not so long ago.

Ooh la la lookin' good indeed. That would be the ootd of course, as comfy as I can get.

My current read is (still) "Clockwork Prince", the second book of  C. Clare's series Infernal Devices. Add me on goodreads, find out more about the books I like.

  It's sad there's no more winter wonderland outside. The worst and the ugliest time of the winter has just started, it rains or drizzles a lot and the wonderland has turned into nothing but snowy puddles. That's just ew, believe me.


So that is something similar to the weekend I'll be launching right after I get home from school tomorrow.

Speaking of my upcoming posts, I want to do some kind of diy, maybe share a recipe (I actually have one), give you some ideas or inspiration if that's possible. So that's what you should be expecting in the nearest future :)

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  1. I adore days in. You don't get tea, hot chocolate or peace to read & write in a noisy pub, that's for sure!

    Lovely blog, by the way!

    le fresne x

  2. Days in are my favourite kind of days too :) I think they're the perfect alone time to catch up with yourself and have a lovely, inspiring day :) I simply adore the way you take photos, they look so delicate and pretty <3

  3. your blog is so perfect. i mean it.