Mar 27, 2013

Q&A Post

M O N D A Y,  M A R C H  2 5

A huge thanks goes to my amazing Instagram followers for asking me these lovely questions!

Never tried Yankee! Although I really want to and might purchase some in the future.

Late Spring

When I make someone happy too. First thing that came to my mind!

Blair Waldorf

A very happy lady living the life she dreamed of when she was 17, haha

Wish I could travel anywhere and at any time I want, so the saying "Paris is always a good idea" would finally apply.

Teen pop music although I'm kinda sorta growing out of it.



Noooo don't make me go back in time, why would 
I want that

Probably, working in a fashion magazine or something. 

Mostly thrift shops and ebay, speaking of the local malls, I like Vero Moda, Reserved and Lindex.

I haven't.

Here. Inspiration for my bedroom? Various places on the internet, tumblr and instagram mostly.

I honestly don't have any tips. Go ahead, start an instagram, write a blog! ^_^

Pentax k-x, 12.4 megapixels.

Ideas that I come across and want to share with you all

Late Spring

It depends! Usually very simply by just putting a tea bag/herbs and sometimes a splash of milk and if it's chai latte, - foamed milk.

All from local stores where I live, sorry, not much help!

I was also asked by Elliewho's the coolest person I follow on twitter, and my answer is her, no doubt. She's also started a film/television blog recently, so please follow or stalk her or whatever:

I know you've asked me stuff before, in the comments, but I haven't replied, thinking who'd go back into the comments section to read the answer.. So here's your chance!
Ask me something you always wanted to know or anything random at all in the comments!
Or you can email me if you want to, my email is on the right side of the page.



  1. how did you got your blog out there to reach popularity? really love your blog! <33

  2. How do you make the heading things for each of your posts? Like the "Mani Monday" one. They always looks so professional! x