Apr 21, 2013

A Week In Outfits

S A T U R D A Y ,  A P R I L  2 0


Spring's here, no more whining. I can wear my pastels and dress all light and nice not feeling guilty whatsoever 'cause Spring has hit us not with a fizzle but with a bang! Snow's gone, so are my down moods. 

Dressing up is one of favorite things to do so I've been capturing my outfits every day this week. You might have noticed this if you're following me on Instagram, I'm an insta-junkie so I will never miss a chance to post a picture there.

 M O N D A Y  ·  A P R I L  1 5
Pink sweater, ebay
Pastel purple jeans, 2nd hands
Rose gold watch, ebay

 Oh! And my feet's finally back in my beloved wedges (local shoe store). This makes me so happy, you don't understand. I was stuck in my hideous winter boots for what it seemed like three thousand years. It's like I have my life back together when I'm wearing shoes I love. Speaking of, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” - Marilyn Monroe.

So these are the shoes I was wearing in every outfit you'll see in this post. Let's move on.

T U E S D A Y  ·  A P R I L  1 6
After wearing jeans on Monday, I decided to go through this week wearing comfier clothes than that. The majority of jeans I own are tight and I'm in discomfort most of the time. Whereas dresses are the complete opposite. I own only a few of them and this one I wore on Tuesday must be my favorite. It's H&M, but it's thrifted, oh so much love for such finds! (I of course wore tights with this and a cardigan, it's not that warm you know)

W E D N E S D A Y  ·  A P R I L  1 7
Pink cashmere sweater, mom's wardrobe haha
Pastel mint tank top, Reserved
High waisted shorts, Stradivarius
Heart shaped necklace, ebay

Yes, dresses are comfy, but The Most Comfortable piece of clothing award goes to high waisted shorts. I practically live in those.

T H U R S D A Y 
A P R I L  1 8

Pink cardigan, who the hell knows where's it from, every other store has it
Denim button down, Seppalla
High waisted shorts, Stradivarius
Pink bowtie, ebay
Bright mint belt, Reserved

My favorite outfit of the week! Obviously because it includes a bowtie, also I really need to purchase some more. With pretty patterns this time.

F R I D A Y  ·  A P R I L  1 9
Pastel mint cardigan, Reserved
Chiffon button down, Asos, but via ebay
Black high waisted shorts (with a bow in the front!), 2nd hands
Rose gold watch, ebay

Really love these petals' detail on one side of the cardigan, screams Spring, doesn't it? So this was fun, capturing my outfits everyday. When school seems insufferable, I feel good because of my fun rags, as I said, I really do love dressing up. Now that the Spring has come, I still wouldn't call this week an explosion of pastels or anything, even though I adore them. But each and every outfit has some pastels thrown in as you can tell. I could never leave home without a pop of color! 

I will hopefully continue on taking pictures of my outfits in the future. So you should expect such posts coming. I also have planned a nail art tutorial this week, who's excited?!! In the meantime, you should check out the latest and my very first nail art tutorial: Florals & Pastels.



  1. I like every single outfit you wore this week! Especially the dress and the outfit with the black hearted blouse. I like your style! (:

    From where are you? Curious!


  2. Oh! Your outfits was really comfy and gorgeous just by looking at those pictures! Glad you're place finally had the Spring season :) x


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  4. So pretty, the heart blouse is absolutely adorable, I love how you've styled it, you can never go wrong with a bit of mint :)

  5. Your shows are adorable!! xx

  6. mieli tie tavo rūbeliai nu :)

  7. Love these outfits!


  8. I had a look through your entire blog and it's so cute and you inspire me in so many ways. I love it a lot ^-^ <3

  9. This post is amazing. The outfits are so pretty and I really like your blog:-)x