Jul 15, 2014


hello mon cher reader! What's In My Bag posts/videos are one of my favorites; who doesn't love to peek in others' bags? Since I got a new bag myself, I simply can't pass the opportunity to share what I carry in it.

I absolutely love my new bag. It's the gorgeous Natelie Grab by Nica. I must say it makes things so much easier and convenient when I'm out and about. Everything's so neat in this bag and it's really quite impossible to "lose something in a bag" as it has 3 compartments and pockets in each one of them. 

The "main" compartment (the middle one) closes with a zipper. So this is where I keep the most valuable items like my wallet, phone and an e-reader. I really like my new wallet too. It's Mildred by Status Anxiety. It can also qualify as a small clutch as it has a pocket for a phone too.

I keep the rest of my stuff in the other two compartments which enclose with a magnet sort of clasp. As you can see I really don't carry that much with me. Not much at all, actually. 

I must have a pair of sunglasses, because hey, future so bright gotta have ma shades on. As far as the "beauty tings" go in my bag, I only take a few items with me. The ultimate essential is a lip balm and my current favorite is from Bonjour Love. I was sent this one as a gift and I'm so grateful! They're 100% natural as they're handmade so that's probably why I love it so much. Shop them here. Then there's a lip gloss for a little bit of color on that lip balm. And I also throw a bottle of my current nail polish so I can quickly swipe it on if it chips. There has to be a few bobby pins in my bag at all times along with a detangling brush.

Well, as it's Summer, I gotta have a bottle of water in my bag quite often. And I also forgot to include a compatible hand mirror. So that's about it! 

The amazing part is that I have a discount code for you all at Nica! Get a 15% off by using the code QueenJ15
*on full priced items only

happy shopping & see you soon,


  1. nu negaliu kaip man patinka tavo nuotraukos :D tobulos!!!

  2. I love your photos! What kind of camera and lighting do you use!?

    1. Pentax k-x, I don't have any lighting setup if that's what you mean!

  3. Kviečiu užsukti į naujai susikūrusį tinklaraštį! :))) Ačiū! www.lafille-verte.blogspot.com