Dec 13, 2014


Now this Empties post is embarrassingly over-due. All of the above is long gone and replaced; pictures are all what's left of it. So these were a few products which I brought from Lithuania and finished them up probably within the first month of my stay here in England. That makes it early September. Yup, this is how over-due this is. Therefore, before I post-pone it even more, let's talk Empties!

Garnier Ultra Doux "Honey Treasures"

First up, there's the duo of Garnier shampoo and conditioner. I must say, I had my hopes up for these two, because I had heard some great feedback on it. However, I was unpleasantly disappointed. It's not that it did me any damage; there's just nothing out of ordinary with these two. The most basic shampoo that washes off the grease out of your hair and a conditioner that makes it slightly softer and a bit more manageable. I've been hearing a lot of praise for these products, so I'm kind of bummed me out that this is no miracle at all. 

Bioderma "Sebium" Purifying Foaming Gel

I had also run out of a face wash from Bioderma of their Sebium range which has definitely helped me with keeping acne under control. I used it along with a Sebium Global blemish-targeted treatment and that definitely kept my acne at bay for the time being. Back to the cleanser, it's no doubt one of the best ones I had so far.

Essence "Get BIG Lashes" Waterproof Mascara

Next up, a waterproof Essence mascara. I just have to share this epiphany I've experienced by trying out a waterproof mascara. It's changed my life completely. I've struggled with my lashes lacking curl and staying up right in general for so long. Turns out, a waterproof mascara is the answer. This mascara has kept my lashes big and curled all day - I am not exaggerating. The only issue I had is that it used to leave some black residue on my lid just below my brow bone. But that's 100% my own fault as I used to go a little over the top with a curler...

Maybelline "Eye Studio Master" Brow Pencil

Brows were so on trend this whole past year and I totally jumped on the bandwagon and did everything in my power to improve my brow game. This pencil definitely helped me move in that direction. I loved how quick it is to do my brows using this product, so much faster than using powders or dips. And I'm all about efficiency!

Nivea "Fruity Shine" Watermelon & Bonjour Love "Užjūrio Princas" lip balms

And at last, I have two lip care products. As you may or may not know, I am a lip balm junkie. I use them everyday, all year around. So I ran out of two of them in September. First one is in a pot with a very summery lid as you can see, it's from Bonjour Love, a homemade cosmetics brand from Lithuania. It was absolutely amazing and it smelt like candy. The watermelon one from Nivea smelt fantastic as well, but I've come to learn that not everyone is a fan of watermelon (crazy!), so those people might want to stay away from this.

I should try my best and blog about this kind of stuff as soon as possible. It's definitely challenging to remember the affect of the products when the last time I used them was months ago! See you next time, hopefully really soon.

bisou bisou,


  1. Jau buvau pasigedusi tavo įrašų..:))

  2. I've heard many people saying that waterproof mascara does a much better job at holding the curl. I guess I need to buy one and see how it works myself :)