Jan 22, 2015


I have a whole lot of empties to show you today. I've never had that many products to run out of at more or less the same time! But it caught my eye the other day as I noticed that my empties bag is all full. So now I have lots to go through.. If something interests you out of all this abundance, keep on reading! 


I have a full package of hair care products this time which consists of shampoo, conditioner and a mask. The shampoo I used up is the Miracle Moist by Aussie and to be fair it didn't do anything out for ordinary. I find it difficult to describe a shampoo since I never use it on its own. After washing my hair, my opinion will be solely based on the performance of conditioner, not a shampoo.

The one I recently ran out of is Dove Nourishing Oil Care conditioner and even though I finished it up quite a few weeks ago, I'll never get its affect out of my mind. In all honesty, I have never used a conditioner as good as this one. It does all the great things a conditioner's supposed to do, I'm not gonna go into depth, but I do recommend it. Five stars from me.

After I shampoo, I either use a conditioner or a hair mask; a few days ago I scraped the last bits off this bright pink Lee Stafford jar. Yes, it's the Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past Certain Length. I picked it up merely out of whim, just because I heard Gabby from velvetgh0st talk about it and saying some good stuff. I wasn't particularly targeting the hair growth, I just needed something to upkeep the general well-being of my hair. And it did the job. However, when I think about it, a basic £2 TRESemmé conditioner is kind of doing the same thing as this £9 mask... huh.

Will I repurchase? I'll definitely buy the mentioned conditioner, but only after I try a few others by Dove; there's been a few releases I'm really interested in. As for the shampoo, I've come to a decision not to spend more than a quid on it. After all, it only has one job: get the grease out of your hair. Conditioners and treatments are responsible for glossiness and all that jazz. Speaking of treatments, I will not be buying this mask again.


I'm out of quite a few skincare essentials of mine. They're absolutely vital in my daily routine so repurchases will have to be made ASAP. One of my essentials is a coconut oil which I use to remove my makeup. The jar you see above is my very first purchase in the UK which I've made in mid-August so it's lasted me exactly 6 months. I'm pretty sure I've saved a fortune by not buying any makeup removers. This is how you save, girl! I've also run out of L'Oreal Micellar Water which I use solely to wipe that coconut oil off my eyes and remove any mascara residue if there is any. 

After removing makeup, I like to make sure I got rid of every last bit of it by applying a clay mask.  (I do it once a week.) The one I'm out of is Botanics Ionic Clay Mask. I've never used a clay mask before so I needed something not too pricey to begin with, just in case my skin doesn't want to befriend it. I must say I liked what it does, and now I'm ready for a teeny tiny bit more splurgy one. I've been eyeing Origins

Either it's cleansing or the mask, my face usually gets quite dry afterwards. So I'm always in need of an oil. I used to go with the same coconut oil to moisturize at night, but then I got the Balm Balm Rosehip serum which I used up just last night *sighs sadly*. It's one of the best things I've used lately, I'm not gonna go on about it too much, you can read about it in my December Favorites here.

Will I repurchase? These were all amazing products, however I won't be getting the same exact ones again, merely because I want to see what else is out there. I'll be getting some sort of oil or/and a serum and a clay mask. I thought I was going to repurchase L'Oreal Micellar water, because I do that all the time. But Boots has been having some great offers and I got a Micellar water from Garnier instead. I've wanted to try theirs for quite some time!


It might seem like there's still some product left in the bottle of Eveline 8in1 Nail Conditioner, but it's got too hard and sticky to use. Nevertheless, it's has fixed and saved my nails, it's one the most effective products ever! I was using it either on its own or as a base coat. No matter what problem you're having with your nails - this guy will solve anything, trust me. And then I have two other nail polishes, one of them is a gorgeous muted red called "English Rose" by Essence. I think it's safe to say this is my favorite nail color for Fall. Next up, "Peach Negligée" by L'Oreal. Now this one could easily make it as my favorite nail polish of all time. Click here for swatches.

Will I repurchase? Since my nails are in a pretty good condition, I don't think I'll be buying the Eveline treatment any time soon. I'm in a need of a good base coat though. Any suggestions? As for the other nail polishes, I'll most definitely get another bottle of "Peach Negligée" for Spring.


I thought I'd include stuff like lotions just as well even if I personally don't find it that interesting to write about. I have an empty bottle of Nivea Happy Time Shower Cream laying around, which has done a decent job; Nivea never lets me down when it comes to shower stuff. I've also run out of a Shea Butter Hand Cream by Dove which I thought was pretty good until a sample of Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion arrived. I know it's just a teeny tiny sample but I wanted to mention it anyway, because if it wasn't for this sample I would have never discovered my favorite hand cream of all time. I'm already halfway through the full-sized tube, you can read more about it in my December Favorites here.

Now this has been quite a bit of writing. Phew. I think I'll exclude some less exciting stuff like shower gels and shampoos from my next empties to make it a little shorter for you to read and for me to write!

bisou bisou,


  1. The Lee Stafford Treatment sounds interesting, I'm definitely going to give it a go!


  2. As labai noriu isbandyt ta Dove kondicionieriu! Turbut reikes nusipirkt!

  3. Micelinis vanduo puikus, dabar pati testuoju Garnier, o kauke, deja, man per daug sausinanti oda. x

  4. Such a nice post Julia! Actually got me lovin' that L'oreal nail polish :) Very very pretty! And I def have to get a serum as well.