Apr 19, 2015


Workaday luxury? I'm not exactly attending galas or posh dinners at the moment, but I love me a fancy oomph in my everyday looks. What's a better way to incorporate extravagance in your #ootd than to do so through jewelry? Without giving much thought to it, I have unintentionally developed a key rule when accessorizing for the day. It sounds a bit like - the less the better. I've been wearing only one or two accessories per outfit which is a big deal for someone who used to put on half of her jewelry and hair bows at the same time. 

I will usually have a watch on my wrist and simply look for a piece of jewelry to match my choice of the watch. Since I never really loved the idea of wearing rings or bracelets, I simply opt for either a necklace or a pair of earrings. The latter is what I'll be discussing in this post; geez, what an introduction! 

EARRINGS - Cavendish French (via Jewel Street)

This lovely pair of earrings have preoccupied a big part of my heart and soul and basically became a part of moi altogether. So this is definitely a blog post worthy material. Aren't these little teardrop studs stunning? I don't normally do ..flashy. But this is such a lovely exception as the earrings are so tiny and can dress up an everyday look so easily; just as it can be an elegant night time piece paired with a matching zirconia necklace. 

Accessorizing has never been easier. Having all sorts of jewelry ruled out except for watches, necklaces and earrings, it only takes me a few seconds in the morning to choose a piece of two from my jewelry stash. Which, by the way, isn't all that big and impressive at all. Once I've discovered what fits me best and had my taste developed, I no longer feel like bulk-shopping for jewelry in H&M or any other mass production stores. I almost wish I had one-of-a-kind pieces around my neck or in my ears, but since I don't have that kind of dolla, I go for something else instead.

This particular pair of earrings are from the brand called Cavendish French which I'd discovered when browsing the infinite amounts of jewelry on the Jewel Street. If you're like me, who's fond of unique, underrated and original pieces, I highly recommend doing your jewelry shopping on the Jewel Street. They sell stuff from hundreds of different boutiques, most of which you probably haven't even heard of (at least I haven't). Therefore, they stock thousands of pieces on there, so no matter what you're after or what your style is, you will most definitely come across something you'll fall in love with! 

bisou bisou,


  1. Adorable studs. :) Btw, kas ant tavo lūpų? Fantastiška spalva!

    1. čia kokio mėnesio senumo foto, bet jei neklystu Essence "Satin Mauve" pieštukas ir Mac "Velvet Teddy" x