Jan 21, 2013

 M O N D A Y ,  J A N U A R Y  2 1
Please congratulate me for posting this week's Mani Monday on a blog first instead of Instagram. I kept taking my phone in my hands, meaning to instagram the photo, but had to remind myself that there's my blog that must be kept priority number one. And I made it!
Shimmery nude shade is Catrice's "Mona Lisa Is Staring Back" (award for the best nail polish name goes to..)
So, those are my nails for this week. As you can see, I'm being remarkably original here by painting my middle and ring fingers in a different design, beyond extraordinaire! But seriously now, I found myself hating to do my nails in one color only. I can no longer go without a lovely nail art on a finger or two. The only drawback is that as artsy as I am (not to brag, but I am) I'm not capable of painting any nail arts on my right hand. So, while my left one is all adorned, the right hand is the most boring and plain hand in the history of hands.

Now have a look at my left nails from the previous weeks, when I was struggling to launch this blog and shared these on Instagram.
Neither English nor French can express my love for this skull
One my favorite pinks that I own: Prestige's "Baby Doll"
It was a Muffin Monday last week

Now of course I can't finish this up without sharing my Instagram which is rosylayers and it's très fab. Give it a follow.

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  1. Absolutely love the muffin mani! <3 It's adorable!