Jan 23, 2013

W E D N E S D A Y ,  J A N U A R Y  2 3

Yesterday I took an advantage of the sun creeping through my windows. Its absence has been unbearable, always so dull and gloomy. I can't stand it when my bedroom's all louring in such grey hues, all tinted in shadows. Blue skies and sunshine always brighten up my day in all ways possible. The level of my oh so poor productivity goes up vastly. So I grab the camera straightaway before the sun vanishes away (mon dieu I'm a freakin' poet!). I simply love it when in this dreary season the sun decides to grace us with its presence occasionally.

Here are the pictures I took the moment my bedroom was all sunlit. 

An awkward first attempt of making a 3D typography. I'll get better soon.

How does sun affect your days? Are they any different at all? Or it's sunny all the time where you live (if so I'm really jealous)? Please do tell me in the comments & please do make the best of your days no matter how light or dark they are. Or at least that's what I'll be trying to achieve. 

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