Jan 26, 2013

S A T U R D A Y ,  J A N U A R Y   2 6

Every single one of you must have a little (or big) something for notes, reminders, doodles etc. I honestly haven't met a person without it. I don't think there are lots of people who manage to limit themselves to sticky notes or an app on their phones. I too, believe in the power of handwriting and carrying a journal around. This little thingy must be somewhere over the top of my favorite things. They're quite small, but contain so much. There's a list on every other page of my notebook, doodles, reminders, quotes and random sayings. Not only the handwritten stuff of mine, I glue some things on pages too. Cinema tickets, little sugar packets from coffee shops (empty of course), anything that catches my eye from a magazine and so on.
As I said, people don't limit themselves to sticky notes or phone apps. Speaking of moi, I don't limit myself to one journal. I have one for lists only (although lists are occupying my other journals too), another for the books I've read and movies I've seen and there's a notebook in a drawer of my nightstand, for ideas that come flooding in my head when I'm about to shut my thoughts off and go to sleep. Better to pour it all in pages than have it gone away in the morning, faded out through my sleep completely. I guide myself by "Go to bed with a dream, wake up with a plan" (don't know who said it, I found it on the internet ages ago). Which in my case is waking up to a list of ideas or to-dos I don't even remember myself writing down. But those lists are the best, oh they really are.

In this post I'm going to share a journal which I consider my main journal. The one I always have in my bag wherever I go. I keep a journal like this in use for a year and then I buy another one. I started using this one on Autumn 2012 though. And several weeks ago I re-decorated it into my journal 2013. The result of a little cover diy is below as you can see. So it's time you have a look at my photos now.

The very first page of the journal. Those who know me quite well may also know it's my profile description/bio on most of my social media accounts. I'm currently changing it though..
It's a ticket of "Les Miserables", can we not take a moment of talking about how amazing it was because I'm still eating my feelings

That will be it! If you'd like to see more of the inside of my journal (other ones too) please, do leave comments!
Have a lovely weekend yall, I'm going to get back to watching "Sherlock" now (which is also quite painful for my feels)



  1. Oh, god I love looking at other people's journal, they are so inspirational to me, please post more!

  2. OH, Everything you have is so cute! I'd love to see more pictures of all your journals!

  3. I always love to see your journal stuff, so of course post more and more pictures from it. Btw, your blog looks so cute, xoxo Julie!

  4. I am so curious when it comes to journals, and I'd love to see more of yours! I'm so glad you chose that to blog about ! :)

  5. You have beautiful handwriting and I love your style of writing on your posts, it really is lovely to read :) xx

  6. I love to carry a Journal with me... and I think most of all I love to decorate it :) Your's is super cute and I love the line "Little dreamer wandering in reality" <3 might print it out for my princess room if you dont mind? xoxo

    1. aw of course you can! take a picture afterwards and send it my way xx