Jan 28, 2013

M O N D A Y ,  J A N U A R Y  2 8

My weekly Mani Monday: dripping pink. I guess this is my favorite design that's been on my nails so far. What do you think? It's also super easy to do yourself, google/youtube it for tutorials.

My Monday in general hasn't been as pink as it seems. It might seem, judging by my pink rags. In fact I survived the biggest Monday blues today. There are only very few people I enjoy being with at school and I meet none of them on Mondays. So the school was quite a hell that I managed to through today.

Well I am finally home and ready enjoy anything not school related. Hope you all had a better day than me cause mine actually sucked to be honest. 

So yeah, have a good week everyone (me including. I hope my week won't suck that much)



  1. Your outfit looks so spring-ish! Love it

  2. Those nails are perfect going to try it now!:)


  3. 'oh what a lovely princess' (even though it sounded ironic, i mean it in a good away) :*