Feb 14, 2013

An Excuse For Heart-Shaped Everything

T H U R S D A Y ,  F E B R U A R Y  14 

An Excuse For Heart-Shaped Everything

I found a box of plain heart-shaped cookies on a counter where my mom apparently has left them with the other sweets like heart-shaped gummies, truffles and chocolate. I couldn't resist icing them in pink! They're now lying scattered on a kitchen table just like that, untouched. Mom found them and she  says they're too pretty to eat haha!

Anyways, what's a better day to have a heart-shaped cookies for tea than the 14th of February. Actually, any other day fits just as well to be honest. But as today's a day of an outburst of hearts everywhere... here are some more!

Consider this my V-day's blog post, I've already read some nice ones! If you can't make your mind what to watch tonight, Santa gives you a whole list of movies - here! And don't you dare to scroll past Danny's "Guide To Surviving Valentine's".



  1. Šį kartą dėkui tau už reklamą:) Be galo mieli sausainiai, tikrai gaila valgyti būtų!:)

  2. Your mum is absolutely right ! :) These cookies are really too pretty to end up in anybody's stomach :) I could stare at these photos all day, maybe it's the pastel pink icing but it makes me so happy to just simply stare at them :)


  3. Those cookies are so pretty! I'm actually completely useless as icing anything at all, I attempted a gingerbread house at Christmas and failed epically so I'm obviously very jealous of your icing skills.
    Thank you so much for the link to my guide as well, it's just Danny though - confusing I know (my parents named me after Danny Zuko from Grease.)

    1. Sorry, I fixed it! Danny from now on. Oh and great story behind your name, awesome parents!
      Hey don't give up on icing haha. My first attempts were just sad to look at, but I got better. And I love icing gingerbreads on Christmas. In fact, these V-day cookies were the only things I iced other than gingerbreads! Good luck (: