Feb 13, 2013

Currently Into

W E D N E S D A Y ,  F E B R U A R Y  1 3

Watch out, world! Pastels and polka dots are coming at ya as the girliest inner me is striking these days! 

Not really an inner me, I'd like to correct. All it is left of me is a pink bulb sulking around. I have nothing but pastels splashed on me as I can't seem to find anything else less-Spring to wear in my closet. Although I managed to find an emerald green chiffon top instead of a mint tank to wear underneath the blazer in the palest pink, as for bottoms a peachy jeans.Spring needs to move its butt, so I can wear my favorite colors not feeling guilty or anything.

I'm also going through this chick flicks phase where I don't watch any other movies besides those. As you can tell, "Clueless" was the last one I watched, which was a couple days ago.
After watching a movie I pick up the book, the recent one being "L.A. Candy" by Lauren Conrad. My current read is très chic and that is all I can tell so far.

You can also spot a piggy bank that I doodled too. Well, I'm kinda sorta maybe saving some money. Huh, we'll see how long do I last this time without spending..

WARNING for my very recent new readers. Please don't get it straight like that, like I'm this girly cliche person all the time. This is the phase I really enjoy going through right now, who the hell knows what I'll be into tomorrow or the day after that?!


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  1. lovely drawings! I just want to break out my pastels already too :)