Mar 29, 2013

Current Beauty Favorites

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My Spring break is coming to an end, it seriously passed by within an eye blink. I spent the week in, sleeping till midday (today's an exception, woke up at 9AM, dunno how), eating a lot and basically just slobbing that a word? Well I've had a week of a slob life, also caught a cold in a middle of it and I have sinusitis again. It takes forever for me to get rid of. Throbbing head all day and runny and stuffed nose, I seriously forgot how breathing feels like. So here I am, feeling sick, looking pale and horrid yet ready to write a beauty post! Go me! Actually I've taken photos of these products a while ago, but blame it on my highest level of procrastination, I'm doing it only now.
Well basically, I'd feel bad not to share these wonderful products with you, so here they are.


WOW. Simply wow. My hair has fallen in love with this, and will never fall out of it. No other hair mask I've tried has affected my hair like this. This is definitely the best one. Ever. I highly recommend it for everyone, I seriously doubt this wouldn't work on your type of hair or something. I've heard SO many good things from girls who all have different types of hair.

It's hydrating as it says, makes your hair silky and I think my favorite thing about it is that it leaves my hair so easy to work with, lessens the frizz and actually puts some weight on your hair. I know, sounds weird, but I have super thin hair and it feels amazing when after using this I can actually feel some weight.

I use it twice / once a week (although I have to stop myself from using it every single time I shower haha), but most of the people I know don't wash their hair everyday like I do (I have to, I have an extra-complicated hair, ugh), so you may have to use it even less than once a week, I guess. 

And the smell! Almost forgot to mention the smell! Smells amazing, I can't even.. Uh you have to try it yourself!

PHYSIOGEL makeup remover and moisturizer

Oh gotta love these two buddies! I think for the first time in my life I'm grateful for a drugstore employee for interfering in my shopping. I was looking for a moisturizer and finally picked one out and when I was about to put it in a shopping cart, a woman was standing next to me and I was like "here we go.." But I'm glad she was there! She asked me about my skin and we both figured out that the cream I've chosen was bad for my skin, or at least she really convinced me. Then she offered me this Physiogel I've never heard of, saying this would work perfect for me. Oh and they had a deal of buying both, makeup remover (which I needed at the time, too) and this moisturizer so I grabbed these.

So that was the story haha. Speaking of the products, they really do work just great. Makeup remover doesn't leave my skin cakey and oily like most of the removers do. I don't even need to rush straight to the bathroom to wash that grease off my face anymore! Well I do anyways, but only because I always wash it after removing my makeup.

The moisturizer does wonders! At the store it kind of looked too oily, but when it's applied on my face, it's just perfect. A very little amount of it is needed for one application and works great as a primer too. I don't even use the primer anymore actually! I only need a little bit of extra cream on a particular spots of my face, and makeup's is all good to be applied!

RIMMEL STAY MATTE pressed powder

And the last piece of praising in this post. So I guess I'm the last one on a planet to try this wonder! I'm finally using this. Simply put, the best pressed powder I've had. Okay, actually I haven't tried that much, let alone high-end powders of which I've tried none. But this is a perfect deal, I only can see myself re-purchasing this hundreds of times in the future. 

The shade I'm using is '001 transparent', it doesn't really have any color in it, so it's perfect to set the foundation. I'm happy I picked out this shade, I often go for too dark with pressed powders.. 

I won't let this go unmentioned, I feel like I must say it, if this would be 'pros' part of the product review then.. There's only this teeny tiny pro, wouldn't even say that I'm having huge problems with it. I only wish it stayed longer. It says it 'stays up to 5 hours', but for me it's like 3-4 hours. But like I said, not really a problem for me! I only need to re-apply it and then it's all good again. If you're thinking of getting this, seriously don't make this stop you from buying it.


And that would be it. Whoa, did a lot of writing this time, didn't I? I only hope someone actually read all of this. I'm happy I shared these amazing products and I highly recommend trying these out, they're remarkable. 

P.S. Leave all sorts of questions in the comments for an upcoming Q&A post! Ask something you always wanted to know, or anything random at all! 

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  1. Just added the Stay Matte by Rimmel to my list! I've been looking for a cheap matte, compressed powder. They're less messy and I am a mess.
    xx Debbie