Apr 3, 2013

Nail Art Tutorial: Spring Florals ft. Pastels

W E D N E S D A Y ,  A P R I L  3

 I do keep my promises even if I take my sweet time. This has been requested delightfully a lot, so today's the day! My first mani tutorial ever, in which I simply show the way I do the florals on my nails. It's super easy, achieved in 3 steps only. My originality's being at it's best so I'm painting my middle and ring fingers, you go ahead and paint them all! For the rest of my nails, I'm just having pale pastels in pink and mint. Let's get started!

And you're done!

All of the nail polish I used for florals:

Light pink - Golden Rose 128
Brighter pink - Prestige "Baby Doll"
Mint - Essence "That's What I Mint"

To make pale pastels for the rest of my nails, I mixed a brighter pink and mint with white polish.


Hope you liked it and pretty please, do share the results if you try this! Tweet or instagram me (my username's rosylayers on both), I would love to see. More tutorials are definitely to come, you just keep your eyes open, my page refreshed and you nail polish ready!


P.S. leave any kind of questions in the comments, I'm doing a Q&A post soon!


  1. These are so nice! Could you follow back please, I love your blog! www.hermione-agatha.blogspot.co.uk x

  2. Hi Julia!!!! <3

    I love this! OMG I love your blog. I have no idea why it took me this long to visit it. <3 Followed you already on GFC, so I don't forget. :)

    Anyway, would it be okay if I feature this on my next DIY Thursday?

    xo Kisty

  3. I am so going to try this right this moment. I've seen this around plenty of times but it took a post from you to motivate me to do it. Your nails are super cute and girly.

  4. Definitely trying this when I have some more time, this seems super easy but I'm sure I'll mess it up anyways. Great post :)

    Eve x

  5. your nails look lovely! totally need to try this sometime soon



  6. Your blog is awesome, love your IG gallery too! they're so lovely =D

    Irene C xx


  7. So pretty, very cath kidson :-)

  8. Did you use any nail art tools to create the floral shape and leaves, or just the brush of the nail polish? You're pretty good in nail art. It's pretty hard to do nail art without any help. Did you study cosmetology? Anyway, I'd like to see your nail art materials and tools. Can you show us your collection? Thanks! :) -The Academy Of Hair Design