Mar 6, 2013

March Sixth

W E D N E S D A Y ,  M A R C H  6

I survived it! The day was a hell, to put it mildly, but I made through it. I do not have nerves of steel, not even close actually yet here I am, as happy as I could possibly get right now and that's enough. School really tires me out, especially today. I had a test on every single class and I think I didn't do that bad. It was okay I guess, but the thing I'm most satisfied is that I managed to keep it cool after every test. Managed to regain my strengths. So that makes me really happy, yeah.

Treats after shower

The jar of Good Things 2013, daily ceremonies.


A little random reminder for you all to check out this deliciousness! My mom brought this pie to her workplace last week and now she's bringing stacks of this recipe copies because everyone obviously loved it!


  1. I'm dazed by how nice your handwriting is, haha!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, good luck on your tests :-)

  3. Your blog is so pink and cute! Do you mind taking a second to look at mine please? :)