Mar 12, 2013

The Twelfth of March

T U E S D A Y ,  M A R C H  1 2

My bedroom painted in beautiful afternoon colors. Was painted. A couple hours ago.

I'm sorry in advance for these weird colors of today's pictures, even though my bedroom was lit so delightfully, I must have picked this strange time of sun setting and my photos turned out quite odd this time..
So yup, as you may have guessed, we're having sunny days here and that puts me in an exceptionally good mood as I've written a while ago - how sunshine affects my days. The only (and the biggest) downside is that sadly, the 4th month of winter is running. It's extremely cold (more than 10 degrees below the zero, crazy right?!) outside and the streets are full of snow and winter boots are kinda ruining my outfits ya know. I keep on wearing pastels and pastels only and I find it super weird putting these boots on everyday. (None of my outfit pictures here has them, so click this.) I can't wait to change these boots into oxfords or wedges or something and my parka into a trench coat. It literally breaks my heart seeing blogger's spring wishlists full of the nicest and lightest clothes... Can't cope with winter anymore!!

My new mint jeans I got last weekend makes me happy and my whole outfit kinda brightened the day. Alrighty, the day needs no brightening as the sun is literally blinding.


 I made this à la Cath Kidston mani for the second time now and I'm kinda loving it! In fact, I didn't even plan CK mani for this week, this was supposed to be a completely different nail art, but I messed it up last Sunday and wasn't up for a second attempt. So I settled to this design mostly because it's fun to do, well I really like the process. Does it call for a tutorial? *shrugs* who knows! 

I know it's been a week now since I updated the blog, but what keeps me doing this is basically the ideas or some DIYs and recipes. I have a lot whirling in my mind and there's this one kinda sorta maybe DIY that Ill be sharing this week, I still need to get some stuff for that, but it is certainly coming up this week.
Meanwhile, I'll be blogging my days like I just did, lets just hope it interests and entertains (?) you in some kind of way.



  1. you had sun today?! definately jealous! we don't live that far away and it's been snowing all day non-stop. all gloomy and stuff... but your nails are so gorgeous! tutorial coming, maybe? I've been dying to try something similar! ♥

    Eve x

  2. I love the softness of your room xx

  3. your room looks so beautiful in that afternoon light :)
    loving that mani it's very very cute! and your outfit really is the prettiest of colours :)
    it's winter here too and I'm super ready for Spring already!

  4. Your bedroom is absolutely gorgeous!!

    Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

  5. your room is so pretty and your nails are amazing!

  6. kambarys pasaka! outfit'as kvepiantis pavasariu! nagučiai ohmymymymy! nuostabus viskas, kaip visada! tutorialas irgi praverstų, nes sunkiai įsivaizduoju save su kaire ranka piešiančia gėlytes (nebent tu taip ir darei?:o)

  7. So gorgeous, your nails are a-mazing I would love to see a tutorial, Em not the best at nail art :-)