Mar 14, 2013

My Watchlists

T H U R S D A Y ,  M A R C H  1 4

M Y  W A T C H L I S T S

Here's what you missed on my doodled posts:

Not sharing my drawings this time though! Only my watch-lists. As you can see of the lack of checks, I'm incredibly slow on movies. I'm a total tv series junkie, but I used to watch SO much movies a few years back and I'd love to get back to it. So a while ago I made these lists that are always getting fuller as a movie catches my eye. I have already downloaded a few and some of them I'm really eager to watch. I think I'll be starting this week since I finished "Community" (brilliant tv series that every single one of you needs to watch) that basically kept me away from doing anything else these days. So here we go:

But I'm doing just fine on my chick flicks am I not, haha
And now I'm off for some catching up to do on all the other shows that are not Community. Wow this has really been a post of a nolifer, well that's me.



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  2. Ow, I love the way you're listing films:) x
    and Oh My God! 10 Things I Hate About You... You go watch it! Now!

  3. I really love your list! And you just HAVE to watch Becoming Jane! I just loved it so much!:))

  4. I love love love your list + your handwriting is so pretty! :3