Mar 19, 2013

Never let your fear decide your faith

T U E S D A Y ,  M A R C H  1 9

Hey, I always feel so hopeless when doing such posts in which I don't share any ideas that might interest you.. But I'm taking loads of photos and I feel kinda bad square-ing them all up and uploading on instagram. I'm always like 'ah no, gotta leave this one for a blog', but then most of the pictures end up on the app anyways. So today I'm here with my à la photography.

Oh and here at the top is my latest painting, a little work of watercolors of a cute bike!

Another drawing, did this one for this lovely lady Ariana, I'd share her blog here, but she's not back on blogging just yet!

Was tagged on instagram to do What's In My Bag, so I'm sharing this one here too.

It's the second week in a row I'm being late for Mani Monday, what's wrong with me?! I obviously don't have enough will for blogging on Mondays. ANYWAYS, here's my first attempt of doing French mani ooh la la it looks kinda weird, but I like how neat my nails look.

What else shall I put here today.. well I can say there's a DIY coming this week, so yeah. Be excited. And I'm also WILL be indeed doing nail art tutorials, so another reason to be excited! First one might be coming up next week. And I guess that's it! I' always hunting for ideas to share, I love when you guys respond with "I'll be trying this" and so on. And that's basically what I want my blog to be about! If you have anything, absolutely anything in mind of what do you want me to post that might be helpful for you - please, do tell in the comments.

The lyrics of this post title is from a song by my beloved Awolnation, "Kill Your Heroes"



  1. I loved every single one of the photos you posted <3
    I adore the French manicure you made, whenever I try doing it it never turns out looking so good :)


  2. Beautiful photos! Love how you edit them <3 and cute artworks!

  3. Your photos and paintings are just so beautiful!

  4. Your paintings are absolutely beautiful.
    Do you do custom paintings?x

  5. Beautiful photos! I love your bag! What brand is it? :)

  6. I am absolutely digging those tulips. Did you grow them or did you just buy them? Either way, they're adorable!