Mar 4, 2013

Not Spring Enough

M O N D A Y ,  MA R C H  4

*Insert the "Excuse moi for not blogging, my adorable readers" part here*

I had so many ups and downs recently, at times I questioned whether life could get any worse and when it actually did I begged for good things to happen because this is not how life's supposed to work. Not for me at least! I hate it when I let bad and annoying little (and big) things pile up. But yeah, this kind of Spring has started and a new week too, and just like every Sunday I tell myself I won't let that awful Monday get to me. I will chin up go through the day with my head held high. And I guess for the first time my optimistic way of thinking has worked. Today I woke up this exact though it my head: 

Thank goodness I was scrolling down the Tumblr last night and this might have stuck in my head. This morning was absolutely perfect. Too good to be a Monday morning! Sun was streaming through the windows so nicely, not that blinding midday sun, but soft and rosy and aww it was so easy to get up from bed. 

I watched the first episode of Community season 2 as I ate my breakfast. And after that my 'thanks' went to just the right amount of ocd I have (not really haha), I had my outfit laid out and planned from the night before. My peter pan collar dress had been adorned with pearls, a little diy I did on the weekend! Because why not cutify things?!
My dad drove me to school, the ew public transport has been avoided, hooray! And the school.. well it was bearable.


Guess who made it through a whole month of No Nail Polish Diet! That's right, this girl. Can you hear me singing out  joy, I can paint my nails again! So many new nailart  is to come.
But now I've painted my nails this bright  pink, only because I wanted to try Rimmel so bad. The color is called  Strawberry Fizz. And  I am very satisfied, not only the color turned out great but it also smells fruity when it dries, how awesome is that?!
Even though it doesn't really match my recent pastel outfits,  I like  this bright burst of pink on my nails. Oh I will be buying so much more of Rimmel in the future, of that I'm sure. The  quality is  remarkable and worth every penny. Okay actually it's not pricey or anything , I've no idea why haven't I tried that before! And with that I shall leave you!



  1. That nail polish is the exact pink I've been looking for!

  2. That nail polish is gorgeous, I would have never guessed it was from Rimmel :-)

  3. I follow u on instagram (username is hana_s_h) and this is my first time visiting your blog. I'm one of the people who voted for a string of pearls on the outline of this collar.. It looks lovely! I really adore ur blog, its so cute! I'll be following via GFC :)

    P.S your floral nail art in one of your later posts is SOOOOO cute <3 I'll be attempting to recreate it soon.