May 1, 2013

This or That ♡ A Book Tag

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I came across this books' tag on Elletravelle and couldn't think of anything else but doing it myself. Since books are one of the things I enjoy the most in life, I'm more than happy to do this! 

Audio books or book in hand?
A book in hand! But I'd love try an audio one, just out of curiosity.

Soft or hard cover?
I really don't have the preference between those, that's the last thing I look in for when I'm choosing a book!

Fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction, I've never even read a non-fiction book voluntarily (that means I may have read one or two which were mandatory for my literature classes)

Fantasy world or real-life issues?

I'd say real life issues just because this is what I've been reading the most since my early teenage years. All those by Kevin Brooks, Melvin Burgess, John Green etc. But the fact that I've recently entered the world of fantasy literature cannot go unmentioned. I've read "The Mortal Instruments" series and its prequel series "The Infernal Devices". I loved it and I'm ready for more similar reads!

Harry Potter or Twilight?

All I can say is that I loved reading HP when I was 12 and that I loved reading Twilight saga when I was 14. Now, being at the age of 17, I can tell I love Harry Potter so much more than the latter.

Kindle, iPad or other?
My beloved e-reader device is called iRiver.

Borrow or buy?
Both, although I can't quite recall the last time I borrowed books from the library.

Book store or buy online?
Download online.

Standalone or series?
I'm gonna go with series, just because that's what I read the most. But I've read so many epic stand-alones just as well.

Monster read or short and sweet?
A gigantic monster read!

Starry eyed romance or full of action?
I need a combination of these both in a book, I probably could never read a book of only one of these as its content.

Curl up in your snuggie or lay in the sun?
Half sitting half laying in my bed. I find it challenging and distracting to read outside, to be honest. Oh! And there was this phase in my life when I used to read books sitting up straight in a chair at my desk, wha-??

Hot chocolate or latte?
Tea. [duh]

Read the review or decide for yourself?
I love reviews, especially when bloggers I know write those. I usually read a ton of these before reading a book myself and after I'm finished, I form an opinion of mine.


I've put myself on this hiatus of reading and answering these questions makes me want to pick up the book immediately. I must finish my books that have bookmarks in them and move onto my endless to-read list.

I tag all of my followers who love reading to do this, plus! these girls (only if they want to): Eve and Valeria, because they're kinda sorta into reading as well.
On a very much related note, here's my GoodReads account: click.

Let me know if you do the tag & may the rest of the week is lovely for you all!


P.S. Digging up these book-related photos from my archives was also fun, haha.


  1. I love this tag and your pictures are lovely! Thankyou for this post:D xo

    Shabby Chic and Tea♥

  2. Aw, dear :) thank you so much for nominating me <3 I'll surely do it this weekend :))


  3. Gah! The pictures were too lovely, I can't even! Especially the second one :) x

  4. I love this! I should do this tag too. Thanks!! :)

  5. Aw I'm so glad you did this - I loved reading your answers. Gorgeous photos too! :D

  6. I'm so doing this tag! Thanks for tagging me! And I loved reading your answers - Mortal Instruments still are in my to-read list!

    Eve x

    1. EDIT: Already did the post :) xx

  7. I never think to blog book reviews, I think I'll have to start!

    Chloe xxxx

  8. I'm so glad you did this, and I'm totally doing it too! And what lovely photos you have here! :)
    Secret Obsession

  9. what do you use to edit your photos? they always look so fresh, i love your blog its one of my all time favourites! :)

    Serena xx