May 5, 2013

The Fifth of May

S U N D A Y ,  M A Y  5

I haven't written a personal kind of post in ages and this evening I'm giving you a scoop of today. A little brief break from all the DIYs and recipes.Today's been very nice, I honestly can't remember the time Sunday was a good day or me being happy at the end of the week when a new one is approaching. But lovely things happened and I want to share! 


So it's Mother's Day here and I made my mom a little something that includes two things I love (/am good at), baking and crafting. I made these delicious two-ingredients coconut cookies. It's incredibly delicious, needs only coconut flakes and sweetened condensed milk. Mix these two together, make little balls out of it and pop it in the oven for 10 minutes! Whoa, I managed to squeeze in a recipe in this post, as well. Well it's something that's impossible to fail if you think of yourself as a bad cook, you must give these a try.

The cup I put put the cookies in is also made by me. I love the shabby chic look it has. I found the tutorial of this on Vintage Follie earlier this week and had my fingers itching ever since. Lovely, isn't it? I will definitely make more of these.

My mom loved this little gift I put up, it's all that matters!


The next thing that has made my day was a letter I received! My very first letter from my very first pen pal. I've lost the hope to get her letter because it took months for me to get it. I think it may be the distance. It's the ocean that separates us. But now I just couldn't be happier that I got it. And look at this necklace! It's the cutest <3

Now that's the way every week should end so I wouldn't be sulking around every Sunday evening. Also, please do congratulate me for posting something on my blog before I do it on my instagram, haha! 


Oh and there's this very unrelated thing I want to point.. I'm not posting hauls on my blog, even if I shop a lot. I have decided to post my new things on instagram. I post clothes, shoes etc on there, but I'm gonna continue doing outfit posts here on a blog. So yeah, just wanted to put it all here and say that I do go shopping (/receive things).


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