May 6, 2013

NAIL ART TUTORIAL #2: Sickly Sweet Treats

M O N D A Y ,  M A Y  6


I'm so excited to be posting a new nail tutorial!! This is what I had on my nails last week and I loved it. It looks sickly sweet and delicious(?) well, beware, nail biters! Now let's have a look at this little tutorial ^_^

Some more instructions

Choose candy colors for your base and add some stripes. 
Create dripping chocolate on some of your nails by choosing a brown polish of course. Make dripping white cream just as well! 
Add colorful sprinkles on those. 
Choose one nail that has stripes on it, we'll make it into a cupcake! Start with a frosting. To have that scalloped edge, use the tip of a bobby pin dipped in a white color. Once you have the frosting, decorate the cupcake.

And you're done. Have fun with this, you don't even need to follow the tutorial strictly. Hope you get inspired  by this and recreate it on your nails!


I'm beyond happy to know that there were people who did the floral nails mani!! It's from the previous and my very first nail art tutorial which is here.

Screams spring, doesn't it? Thank you beauties for sharing, I love what you've done! There were a couple more girls, but I didn't save their photos at once when they were posted, I'm so sorry! 

If you do any of my nail tutorials, share a picture either on twitter or instagram. Tag me (@rosylayers) and also add a hashtag (#rosylayers)! That way your pictures won't get lost! 

You have no idea how much it warms my heart to see people doing what I've created, seeing them inspired. This is literally the best feedback there could ever be. LOVE YOU SO MUCH 



  1. Omg, these are so lovely! ^ ^ You really are talented at creative stuff. I love your blog so much! <3

  2. My first thought, when I saw the first picture, was "these look sooooo yummy!!" I love the tutorial, I may or may not try it myself (depends if I'll find the right colors). Thanks for sharing! It's always very pleasant to read your blog! x

  3. these are so lovely! can't wait to try them out especially as spring is here, yay!


  4. OMG! there is a picture from my nails at your blog! I'm so happy :)))) I love love love love your blog! you're so amazing! <3
    yours rebecca (beccsbeauty)

    ps: my nails are at the top on the left :)

    1. *my nails are at the BOTTOM on the left...sorry i'm stupid. ;)

  5. Wow these are amazing, so creative. I'm definitely going to give them a go. :)

  6. Love this!! definitely going to try and recreate it
    Misha x

  7. Oh my god they are the cutest!! Defiantly going to give these a go when i get chance! Im always looking for nail inspiration! x