Jul 19, 2013

My Summer "no makeup" Makeup

To be honest, all of my makeup looks are always "no makeup" makeup. Ridiculous, but I haven't really changed since I first started putting product on my face, since I was 13 that is. Hide flaws, even out the skin tone, brighten the eyes. That's really all there is to me when it comes to makeup. But recently I've been itching not to look....blank anymore. I want contour, I want blush and I want highlight! I was about to hit the drugstore as soon as this realization dawned on me, but I settled to let my face breathe for Summer at least. I will go on a makeup shopping spree at the end of the summer and find out whether I can pull of some more makeup! For now, I'm sharing what I put on my face throughout Summer. So here's my current "no makeup" makeup!

for your amusement, here's me with 0% makeup on :( 
STEP 1: moisturizer & primer
I prep me up using this Physiogel moisturizer and after it's semi-set I apply primer from Oriflame. I literally haven't try any other primer in my life e v e r. Been repurchasing this one and this one only. Although, I really want to try something new, not that this one's bad (it's perf!), but I'm open to new things.

STEP 2: coverage of two
I try not use foundation throughout hot days, so I often choose a BB cream and mix it with the same amount of SPF. This one from Oriflame is highly tinted therefore works very well with a bb cream. I mean it doesn't lose any coverage.

STEP 3: concealing
Essence's Coverstick qualifies as a pretty good concealer. Even though this shade is supposed to be the lightest in their range it's still teeny tiny bit too dark for me haha. It's a bit too orange-based. But it blends perfectly, so not much of a problem.

STEP 4: setting
Best setting, mattifying pressed powder in da world. Hands down. I honestly can't see myself purchasing any other powder than this one in the future. (shade: transparent)

STEP 5: eyes
The mascara I use is Maybelline's Cat Eyes. Don't have much to say about this one, works just fine, I'm simply pleased by what it does.

How do you guys like the summery background for my products? hehe. I simply wanted to make it vacation-y. I'm also kinda sorta maybe hinting what awaits me in August. Some of you may already know if you follow me on twitter what it is. I will be making a blog post and tell you all about it. I'm overloaded with excitement but I really just want to dedicate a blog post for it! I can also give away that I need a good waterproof mascara..Suggestions? Or any guesses on my plans in mid August? haha okay I'm outta here.



  1. The pools/sea in that magazine look amazing! I've been trying to go minimal with makeup while it's hot - you seem to have mastered it :)

  2. I love your blog so much :)

  3. Beautiful pair of eyes you have there!

  4. This is a great make up look, you look so fresh and glowy :) I've been meaning to try BB cream for such a long time. I usually wear nothing on my face during the day, but I'm feeling like I might want some more coverage now! xx