Jul 26, 2013

Buy me!

hello dear reader!
I'm doing this quick pink blog entry only to separate the beauty posts because I don't want to have two make-up posts in a row here, haha! Right after this goes up, I'm putting up another, which should be considered the main post of the day. Ah this is confusing. Whatever just keep on reading will ya.

A wishlist/shoplist from the top of my head

Essence shimmer pearls from its "Me & My Ice Cream" limited edition. I was at the drugstore the other day and the colors of this collection totally blew me away. Ah the pastels. They have nail polishes, eye shadows, lip balms and blushes in the the softest shades. The quality is what concerns me though. But quality or not, I'm so getting these shimmer pearls. Purely the most beautiful piece of makeup I've ever seen hehe.

Real Techniques powder brush. Why am I still sat here without a single Real Techniques brush?!

♥ Rings! Believe it not, I've just recently bought my first ring ever. I've never used to wear rings, but I really want to now. The one that I got looks a bit too plain worn on its own, so I need to get some more to keep its company. On a lookout for some above-the-knuckle rings as well. They are too darn adorable.

Pink satchel (ebay). I need need need this bag. It was love at first sight you guys. It's pink, it has a bow and a scalloped edge *grabby hands*.

How do you like these items? Do you have anything from this Ice Cream edition of Essence? 
I can't wait to get all this! 

Now keep your eyes peeled on a blog, I'll be posting a make-up post in a few.


  1. Essence visuomet turi kažko žavaus ir mielo! Dabar sudominai su tuo Limited Edition, reiks būtinai apsižvalgyti:)

  2. Kaip noriu shimmer pearls! :o o kur matei? eurokos ar drogas? :)

    1. Droge! Eurokose nera.. turbut kol kas :)x

    2. o reikes butinai uzsukt! aciu :)

  3. I've got the shimmer pearls and they are beautiful!! I also love the rings, where are they from?


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