Jul 2, 2013

What We Made and What I Wore

Yesterday, 1st of July, me and a couple of friends totally succeeded in baking a cake, a belated birthday gift. A simple combination of yummiest ingredients on earth and a recipe out of our heads. I may put together a recipe and share it sometime!

Here's yesterday's unusually plain outfit I wore. Much more summery-colorful looks are coming soon as I'm really not the one who sticks to simple throughout summertime. But I had to stay comfy yesterday!

I will be back with decent blog posts soon I guess. I have makeup to rave about, so a much more text including posts such as reviews are on their way. 



  1. CUTE outfit, but oh my that cakes looks absolutely heavenly! xx

  2. Hi Julia! I really love the cake you baked! It looks yummy!

    I follow you on tumblr back then and now I follow you on bloglovin! I linked my blog there too cos I'm still on tumblr.

    http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/7038349/the-wallflower-secrets :)

  3. Very cute pictures, love your blog :)))
    regards from Lithuania,
    maybe we can follow each other?:)