Jul 9, 2013

NAIL ART TUTORIAL #4: Summer Sunset

I adore Summer skies when you can see a different color pallete meeting the horizon every night. And so I decided to transfer the spectacle on my nails using colors that have tinted many twilights. The perfect duo of coral red which is already a gorgeous color to wear alone and toned-down lilac. Let's have a look.

Begin with cutting a sponge in the size of your nail.
I made a mistake by choosing a sponge used in houseware, it creates lots of air bubbles. Make sure to use makeup sponges, they are much softer and gentler.

Colors I used: Catrice "Pimp My Shrimp" and Essence "No More Drama". 
Red represents the sun which is at the very line of the horizon and the lilac is the sky which takes over when the red vanishes. So red should go on the tip part of your nail. 

Tadah! Now clean that all up. Don't wait till it dries on your skin.
The better you shape your sponge the less mess you get!

Add nailart of the beach which will make the whole mani look like sunset, not just ombre nails.
First, paint the very tip of the nail with black polish, this will be the shore line. Then draw a trunk of a palm tree.

Finish up the palm tree by adding palm leaves which are called fronds by the way. I did not know that. Don't forget some birds too. 

Add the top coat and there you have it!

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And a very exciting part of a tutorial post now. Lovelies who recreated the previous mani: Frilly Half Moons!!

Thanks so much to these artists: Alana, Rebecca who has recreated my every mani (!), this girl (ohemgee sorry I couldn't find your name!) and Islay who's a fellow nailart lover, check out her blog!

If you do the Summer Sunset nails or any other of my previous nail art, please do send a picture my way! 
I'm @rosylayers on twitter and instagram. 
(if you do not use these, you can always email me!)



  1. they're so pretty!
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  2. I looove this nailart! I love all yor nailarts :)

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  5. WOW these are really pretty! I love all your nail arts!!!

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