Aug 27, 2013




Kos, the island of Greece. The destination we chose for our family holiday. I had the time of my life there. Soaked up all the sun in the most gorgeous beaches, splashed in a crystal clear water of Aegean sea, explored the ruins left there over two thousand years ago. These photos are only a teeny tiny part of the whole trip. Shhh.. there will be a video coming up too. Lets dive into it then.

 I had the first flight in my life and it was surprisingly pleasant, I loved the feeling of being above the clouds!

 The sea was right across the street of our hotel, and that was the first water-check haha

 The first time of exploring the beautiful city of Kos was actually the only time I made myself look decent (bit of makeup, bangs and clip-ins). The rest of the holiday was spent in a bikini, hair in a top-knot and bangs pinned up, really couldn't be bothered.

 See that little church in the background? The whole island is full of these cute tiny churches! Even in the most abandoned, kind of a-middle-of-nowhere places. 

 Anyone interested in books I read through the time of our trip? I read three of them! And am wiling to make a blog post, only if anyone wants.

Traditional food of Greece, called gyro. Not entirely my cup of tea, but it was quite delicious!

 Was waiting on a boat for our cruise to get going. We visited another three little islands around Kos. Spent an hour in each of them.

heaven on earth, isn't it?..


  1. ziauriai cool nuotraukos :) ir taip, as noru post'o :D

  2. Great photos! The place looks lovely :)

  3. wow that place looks beautiful! lovely photos :-) xoxo

  4. You took some wonderful photos, it looks so beautiful! It sounds like you had a great vacation with lots of adventures. I would love to hear about to books you read while you were there and I can't wait for your video!

  5. Omg, I'm craving for gyro right now! It's delicious! All the photos are amazing and I'm glad to hear that you had such a great time. :) I'd love to hear about the books that you read! Gyro... haha :D