Aug 23, 2013

Current Non-Pink Beauty Favorites


my current non-pink beauty favorites

hello dear reader, I am back. Back from my one week holiday in Kos, the island of Greece! (which you may have read about in my previous blog post.) Quite oddly, I'm not back with a holiday post.. I will only be able to do that in the beginning of next week (because reasons). So, not to have my blog all blank and quiet till then, I'm sharing some of my beauty favorites!

As I lined up these few items, I couldn't help noticing they're all dark. Knowing me, that's SO not my nature. Therefore, I entitle this my non-pink favorites!

♡ First up, there's FIT ME foundation in shade 125 by Maybelline. This is not a recently-purchased makeup item, not at all actually. I bought this in early spring, but failed at getting the right shade because I'm so very pale. So I ended up shoving it in the back of my makeup drawer and not using it. But now that I'm back from soaking up the sun, with the tan that I wanted all my life, I'm finally able to use this! I've heard so many controversial reviews of this, probably more negative ones.. But it works just fine for me. It has a very light coverage which is what I seek in the summertime. I don't want anything heavy on my face. I'm just so happy that it finally matches my current skin tone and I can finally put it on!

♡ The next is a nourishing lip balm by Rituals. This came in a set with other Rituals cosmetics which was gifted for me on my birthday (post here). A lip balm is vital for me to carry around 24/7, I use it equally often whether it's summer or winter. And this one has an SPF +10 and a cooling effect, perfect for summer!

♡ Then I have a mascara from Oriflame of their Giordani Gold collection. So this is actually stolen from my mom, but since she uses makeup only once in forever it's all good. What I love about this one it's that it makes my lashes so naturally thick and long. You probably couldn't even tell I'm wearing mascara if I'd put one coat only but they'd still look nice and long. I normally add a few coats more, but it still looks quite natural!

♡ The last one's a nail polish by Catrice called "Genius In A Bottle".  So I haven't tried it on yet, merely because I only picked it up today. But I like it so much already. I mean.. whoa, like what color doesn't it have here?! It's also my first nail polish which is this dark. I have a feeling I'll rock this one throughout the ever so quickly approaching Autumn.

So there, a color-coordinated favorites of mine. My next post will be a mix of all the colors to ever exist. Because Greece. Duh. See ya!!



  1. I had the same story with maybelline fit me foundation, but since I've got a bit of tan I love this foundation! :)

  2. Could you please do a review for the Catrice nail polish ? :D

  3. Me too, I want a review on the nail polish, please :) it has an interesting colour.


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  5. I've used the Fit Me foundation in the past and I really liked it as well. Like everyone else I'd love a review of the nail polish, it looks beautiful!

  6. The polish looks gorgeous! I love the Fit Me foundation, all I seem to use at the minute xx