Aug 12, 2013


I'm here with a very happy announcement tonight. Just the thought of what awaits me on this Wednesday puts me up on a cloud nine. I will be going on a family holiday in Cos island (Greece). You don't have the slightest clue how overjoyed I am about this. I've never been so far from home, never even been on a plane! So I'm leaving to soak in the sun for a whole week and I honestly already dread the moment I'll have to come back here. 

I'm currently stocking up on ebooks and music. The latter is going not very well, so please you guys, recommend me some summer-y tracks or even better - whole albums! Much appreciated. 

I probably won't stay entirely unplugged from the cyber world and if my piece-of-crap-of-a phone will cooperate with local wifi (it often doesn't in foreign countires), I may instagram some pics. I'm sure there'll be tons to capture in that picturesque island.

Some make sure to follow me on instagram & recommend me some good music! Thank you 



  1. Yay! I've never been to Greece, but I'd love to. It seems GOR-GEOUS. I don't know how long your flight will be, but I learnt to hate long flights on my way to America. Terribly boring and tiring. Fortunately the trip was worth it!

    I'd have half of my iTunes library to recommend, so I'll just give you this: Juveniles' debut album called "Juveniles" (wow original alert). They are a french new wave revival band I love, and the band members are my mates so I'm sort of biased haha. But really, they're awesome and their tunes are very summery and dreamy and all that. ♥

  2. I hope you have a fantastic time! And enjoy the flight :)
    Also first time on your blog and I love it - the layout is so so cute! x

  3. That sounds amazing, I hope you have a wonderful time! If you haven't heard it, you MUST listen to "Pompeii" by the band "Bastille", such a great song! I love the band "The Beautiful Girls" and their album "Water" has been my soundtrack this summer. I also recently discovered a singer called "Lorde", and I quite like her music and definitely recommend you check it out (it's no so summery, but it still worth a listen!).

  4. Oh you lucky thing!

    I would recommend checking out Vance Joy, he's songs are quite catchy!

    xx Carina

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster award :) x

  6. Nice post,the photo is so pretty!

    I love your blog and I mentioned you in this post
    as my favourite blogger! You are so inspirational,Julia:)

    Have fun in Cos!