Aug 7, 2013

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hello dear reader. Today I will share how to get the most of your chocolate chip cookies. I've had years of failing at baking these and with that much experience I've just recently cracked them. It's my favorite thing to make these days, it's actually quite embarassing how many times I've made them. Here they are, my tips & tricks on how to get the yummiest chocolate chip cookies!

Here's your simple 5-ingredient recipe, now onto the tips.

TIP 1: butter and egg must be room temperature
Just take them out of a fridge a few hours before you get to the baking.

TIP 2: do not over-mix your dough. Stop the second you see it's all fluffy and even. Use a spoon when mixing in the chocolate chips.

TIP 3: take the cookies out of the oven when they're slightly brown-ish on their edges. It takes about 15-20 minutes in the oven. (Have it pre-heated). 
Very important: cookies may seem undercooked, they actually a little bit are. But that way, they'll stay fluffy and soft on the inside, but crunchy on the outside!

TIP 4: to achieve what I've just mentioned, you'll need to place your cookies on the cooling rack. Keep them there for about 20 minutes.

Eating chocolate chip cookies without a glass of milk would be a crime! 

Hope this was helpful for someone out there who just like me struggled with these cookies. But I believe the majority of yous have already mastered the art of it, so can you please just be happy for me now that I can enjoy them too! I will probably be heading to the kitchen now... (I've already finished the cookies I made two days ago)



  1. Currently building a temple just for you. You just changed my LIFE. I was so tired of making cookies only to be disappointed in their texture. Merci Julia!!!

  2. I can never seem to prefect cookies... so thanks for this post! :D x

  3. O aš norėjau paklausti, kokiose parduotuvėse perki šokolado traškučius? : )

  4. YUM! These look so delicious. There is nothing like choc chip cookies to put you in a happy mood...or an even happier one!

    I just found your blog via your tumblr, and I love it! You have such a cute sense of style and your illustrations are gorgeous

    xx Carina

  5. I prefer my cookies more crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the middle, but I love your photos! You have a beautiful blog, honey :)


  6. I can't wait to try making this! Looks so yummy :)