Aug 5, 2013

Birthday Post

a very overdue birthday post
On the 28th of July I turned 18 which you may have noticed if you follow me on twitter or instagram. Thanks again for all the birthday wishes I received on the cyber world! Bearing in mind that today is the 5th of August, this is such an overdue blog entry.. But hey better late than never and I just really want to share some lovely photos and how grateful I am.

this lovely card you see above is the one I received from the beautiful Valeria

The big day was spent at the seaside with my friends | bikini is from lindex, sunnies from ebay

 I got back home to a little family party that included sushi and cheesecake afterwards (my ultimate favorite cake flavor) and of course the wonderful gifts! Mom knows how much I adore Rituals oh and lookie, a bag of oreos has descended from the sky and landed on my bed. 

And I found this adorable bunting hanging down the ceiling when I turned on the lights! It's still hanging and I have no intention of putting it down any time soon. I love it!

The following day I was surprised by a visit from my friends and the cake they made! We took it to eat outside and refreshed with an ice cold drink, boy it was boiling that day.

It's really beyond me how awesome my best friend is. How gorgeous these little gifts are?! Gurrrl it's frickin color-coordinated! We met at the coffee shop when she showered me in these pink gifts, we put the flower on our table aka improved the interior of the cafe immediately, haha!

I'm so very grateful for all this and it's not even over! Me and a couple of friends have a raincheck on celebrating mine and my bff's bdays (they're only 1 day apart). Hopefully we're doing it next week. What a fabulous prolonged birthday I'm having haha.

Woah now this has been a one gorgeous pink blog post. I hope no one considers this bragging (?), it's one of the reasons I don't post hauls on my blog (although I never miss a chance to post new stuff on instagram). It just happens I've taken a little break from tutorials, but I have plans for some great ones which are to come! I hope you're still enjoying my blog 



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day, the photos are beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday :)

    Nakita x

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, looks like you had a fabulous day, I wish oreos would fall from the sky for me haha :-)

  3. Hi,

    Found your blog via twitter - #bbloggers

    glad i did!

    new follower!

    come and check out mine if you'd like to :)

    Zara (Bows and Pearls)

  4. Your blog is seriously gorgeous! *__* ♡♡♡

  5. These photos are so lovely, I hope you had a wonderful 18th birthday! xxx

  6. You take some seriously stunning photos missy :)

  7. Lovely post :) I am so honored to see my humble birthday card "featured" :) I'm glad you liked it !
    Gorgeous pictures as always <3


  8. i got pretty excited to know we have the same birth date. Leos all the way! :)
    Happy B-day lovely, belated.