Aug 3, 2013

DDOF Daily Dose Of French

daily dose of french
I got into a bit of a habit of watching one french movie a day, calling it my daily dose of french (how thoughtful). Yesterday I didn't got around watching a movie though as I attended even better. An evening spent outside of a historical villa listening to french music performed by Chris Ruebens ensemble. Well known french songs such as "Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler", "Aux Champs Elysées" and many more. I was overly excited when the latter started playing, because I had to learn the chorus of the song by heart last school year for the french class. 

And here's what I wore! The whole outfit is thrifted (I swear I seem to live on thrifting, sales and other bargains only) except for wedges which are from a local shoe store, socks from Seppala and the bag from

Go listen to Chris Ruebens here.
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  1. Bliuskutė ir megztukas tai kažkas tobulo! Platformytės su kojnytėm taip pat krito labai į akį. Šaunus derinukas:)

  2. love this look Julia. I've been following you on tumblr years ago. :) Now I follow you on bloglovin. I love your blog as always! :)

  3. That's such a lovely idea! French films (and most forgeign films, really) are usually great! It's quite a shame to think that people miss out on such good films cos they're not into reading subtitles :/ Anyway! That place looks awesome - and your style is so cute! x

  4. tavo kojos tokios nuotabios! :D kaip barbės kokios <33 ir super batukai su tom kojinytėm atrodo:))

  5. really cute outfit I lvoe it!