Sep 11, 2013

Flashbacks To Summer: What I've Read in Kos

Wednesday, September 11


Not that I'm still clinging to Summer, it's just that I've promised this post a while ago and it's about the time I write it. Looking back to my Summer holidays in Kos, the island of Greece, half of the time was spent reading. I loaded up my e-reader with chick-lit and read three books, all by the queen of chick-lit - Sophie Kinsella. The author of Shopaholic series, does that ring a bell?

Let me just praise lady Kinsella for a bit here. She's definitely one of my favorite writers, if not the best. Her books draw me in immediately, like, from the very first sentence. There is no such thing as boring-parts-i-wanna-skip. All those situations she puts her characters in are beyond hilarious. It literally makes me go 'oh my god' or 'oh no she didn't' and cover my mouth or eyes. It often feels like me and a character - we are one and have to go through stuff together! Someone please write her books into scripts and make some rom-coms!

The following content of this blog post is completely spoiler-free, so no worries if you haven't read those books.

I started reading "Remember Me" on our flight to Kos...

The story revolves about a girl with amnesia, slowly picking up the pieces of the past 3 years of her life of which she remembers nothing. It was really quite interesting to read how she copes with her new "perfect" life and seeing how the perfect can collapse just as quickly as it took place.
My rating: 5/5, highly recommend.

The next book of hers I picked up was "Wedding Night".

This one was a bit of an unexpected disappointment actually. Sophie must have let her fantasies waver a bit too far this time, it didn't feel quite real.. All the wittiness and humor kind of turned into this craziness that made me frown. Still, I liked that the book had its usual pace, still captivated me. So what, big deal. Everyone has their ups and downs and "Wedding Night" had probably been a down of Sophie's. Most likely not worth these 4 stars I gave it merely out of the love for this writer.

The last book of the trip was "I've Got Your Number" and it's been my favorite!

I finished my holiday in Greece with this book and I'm so glad I saved this one for the end. It's my favorite of those three. It made me laugh, gasp at surprise, and clutch my shirt tightly to my chest out of the sweetness of this book! I absolutely loved the story. Probably a whole half of the book consists of media, like texts and emails. Well, the title kind of speaks for itself. And I have a thing for love stories involving a complete opposite people with nothing-alike characters. If you're a sucker for that as well, go pick up the book!
My rating: 5/5, totally recommend.

I couldn't have chosen better books to read throughout this far-away vacation. Thank you, Sophie Kinsella, for making my holidays even more fascinating!


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  1. those are some great recommendations! I have to pick them up on my next book adventure. Glad you enjoyed holiday!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  2. Thanks for the reviews! I'm really interested in Remember Me?, it sounds so interesting!

  3. I love Sophie Kinsella, the shopaholic books are one of my favourite series, they are such an easy read, especially for me, I'm not much of a reader. :)

  4. I love Sophie Kinsella's books - really make for some great light hearted reading and loads of laughs!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


  5. Book worm like me!