Sep 23, 2013

Très FALLtastic: DIY

Très FALLtastic: DIY / interior idea

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hello dear reader. Can you tell I'm giving a start to the Autumnal blogging? I called it Très FALLtastic. Genius. This will cover DIYs, food, music and whatever I'll manage to think of.

Today I'm here with this interior idea I came up a few weeks ago. One of the many ways to spice up your room for Fall is dried roses. Put a handful of them in any kind of glass container. A bottle or an empty candle jar for example. Speaking of candle jars, little tip: if you have any wax leftovers that stain the jar, you can easily remove it by pouring boiling water in it. It leaves the jar squeaky clean.

Wrap a ribbon around it if you like or decorate the whole thing in any way you want. Good luck 

"Autumn is just as sensual as springtime. There is as much greatness in dying as in procreation."
 — Iwan Goll



  1. It looks really lovely, good idea!

  2. wonderful idea!! so pretty!
    just followed you! keep in touch!

  3. It looks so pretty, what a lovely idea!