Sep 26, 2013

Très FALLtastic: Outdoors Look (+video)

W E D N E S D A Y ,  S E P T E M B E R  2 5

Welcome back to the Autumn blogging! This time I'm sharing this outdoors look of mine that I've practically been wearing all this past month. I camouflage with neutrals on the outside, but I still stay true to myself and reveal all the colors and pastels once I take off my coat.

From head to toes:

hat - Seppälä
scarf - Tally Weijl
trench coat - H&M, but thrifted
frilly socks - ebay
wedges - Cropp Town

On a very unrelated note, I'm wrapping this post up with a flashback to Summer. I know, that's so season-inappropriate! But I couldn't let all of my Greece holiday footage be left to dust throughout the winter. I've only managed to put up the video just recently though. So here are some bits of my family trip to Kos, the island of Greece

I don't know how to put a bigger youtube screen on a blog post, so you watch on youtube instead: here.



  1. Looks lovely, and i love the socks and shoes!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin'

  2. Love the outfit!

    -sarah xo

  3. I really love your outfit! ♡
    The coat is so pretty and your socks are so cute! I love your blog! :)
    xoxo beccs