Nov 27, 2013


hello dear reader. I have a very broad and diverse taste of music, if you had a looksie at my itunes library you may find it quite controversial to have this awwsum remix next to these soul soothing sounds. One of the many (way too many) genres of music that makes me feel all giddy is the happy upbeat pop. So I'm sharing a few of my at-the-moment favorites that uplifts my mood immediately, makes me dance in front of a mirror lip-syncing in a hairbrush.


alli simpson - notice me
LISTEN | I've developed a major girl crush on Alli. Isn't she charming?! I discovered the girl through her brother Cody Simpson (whose latest album was one o the most listened to throughout Summer 2013). Wishing all the best to these two rising stars!

bridgit mendler - hurricane

LISTEN | I must admit this is the only song I know of Bridgit's, but it's so good, I'll definitely look into the artist more now.

fifth harmony - me & my girls
LISTEN | A must for a girls night!! (What the song is basically about haha.)

little mix - move

LISTEN | how frickin amazing these girls are?? I love this song so much it's beyond words.

mika with ariana grande - popular song
LISTEN | Mika AND Ariana?! They're like my absolute faves! Ariana is my style icon, a queen of skater skirts and crop tops, too precious for this world. My achey breaky heart cannot take her instagram selfies of her unearthly beauty. And whenever I think of my favorite male singer, it's Mika that comes to my mind. I've loved him for so long, you would not believe. To have them both in a song (and video!) is a fangirl's dream come true 

Which song did you like the most? Recommend me some similars!

bisou bisou,


  1. Oh my ! I will definitely give these songs a try, they seem so lovely :) Thank you so much for sharing <3


    PS: I sent the letter yesterday morning, I hope you'll receive it soon :)

  2. oh you do that!!
    maybe it'll reach me by the end of this week :>

  3. Move is my favourite! X

  4. i love Ariana Grande so much! :) Listen to her pink champagne song. :) and I recommend Oath by Cher Lloyd