Nov 18, 2013


C O O K I N G  I N  P J S :

I can't believe I didn't fail at a completely new and foreign bake for me. This seemed to be a challenge since step one in this recipe, which is yeast dough. My mom says she's never managed to get a fine smooth pastry out of the oven when working with yeast. She admitted she expected me to fail at this too, well thanks mom! Instead I baked exquisite bakery quality cinnamon rolls, hell yea.

My secret? I followed a recipe thoroughly. This one from Williams Sonoma blog.

Look at that fluffy dough! It turned out so soft from within and crispy on the outside. When seeking such result, spread a great deal of a beaten egg mix and sprinkle granulated sugar and some extra cinnamon on top.

Both tins of cinnamon rolls have been emptied and the scraped out within the weekend. My parents were munching on it non-stop, haha. I'm beyond happy and proud of myself, lets hope it wasn't just a fluke! 

I'm already browsing online cook-books for ideas for the next weekend. Since I don't really go out on weekends, hence me baking in pyjamas, I might as well indulge in a desert and the joy of cooking!

bisou bisou,



  1. Wow the look delicious, anything with cinnamon in it is yummy in my book!

  2. Nothing better than baking in pjs! I have always wanted to bake cinnamon rolls, you have given me some extra confidence for when I eventually do hehe

    xx Carina