Nov 13, 2013

BLOGGER COLLAB: Dunia's Fall Favorites!

A  B L O G G E R  C O L L A B

Me and the lovely Dunia have united for a blog collaboration and here's the result. She's showing you her Fall favorites on my blog whilst I talk about my favorite Fall nail polishes on hers!

Hello Julia's readers! My name is Dunia and I am the blogger on Cherry Dunia. I have together with Julia decided to make my post based on the fall theme. If you want to see Julia's post, just go onto my blog. Now without further a do, I have decided to show all of you my fall favorites, since fall is slowly fading away and winter is coming alive. I mean the cold is literally cutting through my skin at this point.

 Studs. Studs are my absolute favorite things. Fall is supposed to be all cuddly and all snugly. Don't get me wrong, I love being all comfy during fall, but I think that things easily can get boring when its all about being laid back. So studs are a thing that I will always have around in my closet, no matter season. This goes for shoes, shirts, pants you name it.

 Spring like nail polish. I know that fall colors are supposed to be dark, and so, but I don't really set for dark colors until Winter, when I feel the cold from deep inside (Whatever that means). So keeping on the spring colors really is a normal thing for me. I don't know about you, but I actually don't set for season when it comes to nail polish, I just set for mood. I love the tiger and W7 nail polishes. 

 Ankle boots. Yes they are everywhere, but there is a reason for that. First of all they are boots, which fits perfect for the fall, but also they are really comfortable and beautiful, and mine actually has heels on, which makes them even more fabulous, and also a bit daring, when it has rained and I have to get down on the stairs in order to get to the train. How ever I love them, and that is all I can say. Will I still  use it in the winter when its cold outside and it has snowed and the floor is all slippery, probably. Is there a chance I will break my ankles? Probably.

 Then last but not least, diamond details on my jewelry. I love the feel of luxury I love the taste of having money (Not really, these diamonds are fakes, but you get the idea) as Lorde said, and I quote "We will never be royals" Yeah but at least, we can give it a try. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out my blog if you desire!


I surely enjoyed our collaboration and am looking forward to working with more of you fellow bloggers in the future! If the idea seems somewhat appealing to you - feel free to drop by my mail box ;^)

bisou bisou,

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