Nov 9, 2013

WHAT'S IN MY BAG: Senior Year Edition

hello dear reader, in honor of having bought a new bag, it would only be fair of me to do a what's in my bag post. This is what I carry to school, some may find it too small, but it's pretty huge for me since I put like 2 books (tops) in it. I keep the rest in my locker. Lets dive in now.

school thangs
I was told do to black polka dots on my pencil case to make it look like a watermelon even more. Should I?

a compatible tea party
now that the seasons are in the change, I often pack mixes of hot chocolate along with my tea. It's so nice to carry something hot and steamy around.

oh and my journal was just plain brown and I made it all prettieee. It looks like a patchwork!

the essentials
my wallet, hand lotion from Essence (it smells amaazeeee, a friend confirmed, she wishes she could eat it, yea that makes two of us), Nivea lip balm (I need a lip balm to survive, literally use this 65656785 times a day), VeryMe little perfume thingy from Oriflame, pink -shaped hairbrush and a hand mirror (it's so ugly I need a new one).

With all that in my bag, I'm good to go!

bisou bisou,


  1. I can't live without lipbalm either haha! Love your bag, it's so cute :) Lovely pictures.

    The British Teen // fashion, beauty, lifestyle

    Heidi ♡

  2. I really love your bag! :) Have a great senior year!

  3. That heart brush is so cute! And I love how you decorated your journal-- so pretty!

    carly; sundays grace