Jan 23, 2014

WINTER LOOKBOOK Page 2: "The 360° Skirt and Crochet"

W I N T E R   L O O K B O O K

One day I'll stop obsessing over circle skirts and today is not that day. I wore them in Summer, Autumn and I'm not letting the chilly season stop me. The one I'm wearing in this look is made of a great deal of wool so I can swirl around in it and fear no cold. Oh and i left out a teeny tiny detail.. this skirt's one of a kind! Me and my mom sew it. Correction: my mom did it with a bit of my assistance. Youtube is full of tutorials - go hit the fabric store! I'm hundred perfect certain I'll be making more.

As for the rest of the outfit, I tucked this gorgeous crochet top in my skirt. Another piece of clothing I've been loving lately.

Oh and my favorite pair of shoes at the moment! A bargain from H&M sales 

Since it's a pretty plain look (or it just seems plain for my eyes), I swiped a bit of color on my lips. I wore this lipstick throughout the Christmas season and I absolutely adore it. Sadly, I'm not as daring at school though, so I'm gonna buy a nude one. 

Maybelline Color Sensational in Cosmo Pink.

That's it for today's post in my Winter Lookbook, if you've missed the first look, catch up hereAnd if you missed Monday's post which was my holy grail foundation, check it out here

See you in my next post!


  1. This is such a gorgeous outfit! I'll definitely have to style something like this when winter hits Australia. Those boots are so lovely too!
    Your photography is amazing. :)

  2. You look lovely! The boots are absolutely gorgeous, as is the lipstick colour - love pink lipsticks :) x

  3. I envy! Such a lovely lipstick color which used no to fit me.
    But you are adorable!


  4. Na stai koki grazu lietuviska bloga uzmaciau!! Labai grazios nuotraukos ir labai jaukus post'ai :)) O batukai, tai tikrai saunus laimikis :)

  5. I definitely don't see a day in my near future when I won't like circle skirts! They're just so versatile. Such a cute outfit!
    Lovely Notions