Jan 20, 2014


Hello mon cher reader! One's holy grail makeup always has my attention so whenever a youtuber or a blogger shares their beloved beauty products and puts it under their holy grail I'm there to check it out in no time. I'm not the only one, right? I hate the introductory blabbering so without further ado, here's the first post of My Holy Grail Makeup series. I present you the amazing True Match foundation by L'Oreal.

I started using this foundation a few months ago. I couldn't resist buying it after not only seeing it being glorified on cyber world but also loved by my closest girlfriends. This foundation easily became my favorite one after the very first application. I'm not saying I've tried tons of foundations (quite a few though), there are still a couple (or more than a couple) I'm tempted to try. But I'd say I'm settled to True Match for now.

I'm using it in shade Beige Rose and it's a tad too pink for me, I'm going to look up whether more of a neutral shade is available rather than pink or yellow based. Nevertheless, the tone doesn't outweigh this product's awesomeness for me. I've been mixing it with another foundation to match my skin tone perfectly and even mixed with the other product, True Match doesn't lose its great quality!

L'Oreal claims this super-blendable liquid foundation perfectly matches the color and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its fine, creamy texture. The result: Flawless coverage.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I simply can't disagree with any of their claims. The coverage is brilliant, I'm loving it (medium to full). Let's have a looksie at my swatches:

*le sad no-makeup Julia*                                    *le happy Julia wearing True Match*

Photos are not airbrushed or edited in any way. Also I'm wearing only the True Match foundation, I didn't mix it with another as I mentioned earlier.

As you can see I have LOTS to cover up (thank you acne) and True Match does a really nice job at it!  I apply the foundation using a makeup sponge (little, edgy, triangle kinda thingy idk), it gives the most matte finish. It holds up perfectly throughout the day without settling into pores or lines or getting all shiny. I haven't experienced any kind of problems with this product, like, it doesn't break me out, and that tends to happen quite a lot since I have acne, but I haven't had any major breakouts while wearing True Match. I swear I forgot to mention lots of stuff, I don't do reviews that often after all. So if you have any questions concerning this foundation, please ask away!

And that's about it! Now please tell me what's YOUR holy grail foundation? I'd love to know and maybe try it out as well. I will bee continuing these blog series of my favorite makeup so stay tuned!


  1. Jei kada norėsi pabandyt ką nors naujo, tai siūlau, Catrice BB foundation. (mini review mano blog'e) Aš irgi turiu spuogelių nuolatos ir mano minėtas BB viską puikiai puikiai padengia, drėkina, apsaugo ir dar kalną puikių savybių turi. Highly suggest! ^__^

  2. I've heard only good things about this foundation! Great review :) x


  3. It looks so good! I'm about to run out of my current foundation, so maybe I'll give this a try :)

  4. It really does have an incredible finish without looking cake at all! Amelia from Liana Beauty said this was a wonderful dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. :)
    Lovely Notions

  5. Do you think it will be good for dry skin?