Feb 8, 2014

Seniors' Night Out

S E N I O R S '  N I G H T  O U T

hello mon cher reader! I'm writing this post in such good spirits, last night's been so uplifting and I needed it so bad! Us - seniors had a club for ourselves for the night to celebrate 100 days till the last bell to class rings. Like, this is a legit event in this country. I honestly couldn't care less about the number of days left! But how could I possibly pass a night out with my friends?

Not to look too formal in black pants I rolled them up, added a belt and tucked a loose tee in. To make the look more fun and club-like I wore my good ol' peep toe wedges.

Now look at the gorgeous shoulder pattern, this what made me grab it off the rack when shopping.

So the big thing for me were the falsies! I wore them for the first time ever and I can't believe these are no trouble at all. I managed to put them on without much effort, I didn't even feel them when I had them on. The one's I bought are by Ardell in 116 Black.

Now that I look at this picture I wish I had taken a proper photo of my nails too. I absolutely adore what I have on my nails right now! A dirty navy (kinda black-ish) blue with a coat of glitter on it.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, see you soon!

biosu bisou,


  1. Laabai gražiai atrodei! Aš irgi jau nusipirkau Ardell 103, tikiuosi pavyks, nes kai pirmą kart dėjau, tai truputį užtrukau, kad gražiai stovėtų :))

    1. ačiū! aš be jokių bandymų iš anksto, rizikavau tą pačią dieną.. labai džiaugiuos, kad pasisekė viskas. Sėkmės!