Mar 23, 2014


hello mon cher reader! 
So I have this huge in-case-i-ever-do-the-empties-post box full of empty bottles and tubes of used up makeup and skin care. I've gathered so much stuff, but never came around doing a blog post... I felt stupid for collecting trash in a box so I threw everything away during a spring cleaning weekend except for a few items. Items that I've repurchased and are totally blog post worthy! 

After my rant on a total disappointment which was a face foundation (READ: REVIEW ON MAYBELLINE BETTER SKIN FOUNDATION), I'm going to balance things out by sharing products I absolutely adore!

Love at first application, everyone! This has become an essential in my daily routine as I use it as a makeup remover. Surprisingly, it wipes my eye makeup off better than any other makeup removers I've ever tried! (And believe me, I've tried lots as that's the product I run out of the fastest.) It doesn't leave my face greasy after using. I don't even have to rush into washing my face like I'd normally do after removing my makeup. The micellar water has been a discovery of a lifetime for me. I used to think nothing will make me feel better than tap water and a face wash, but I can now save myself some time and reduce the number of times I wash my face in a day!

I could quite possibly crown this as my holy grail moisturizer I guess. One of the main reasons I love it so much has to be that it lasts me an eternity! I'm pretty sure my first tube lasted me up to a one year. It moisturizes so well, I only need a pea-sized dollop for the entire face. I think dry skin would love this stuff so much. I guess it's designed for all types though as my skin is far away from dry and yet it works so well on me. I like to put on a little more of this than usual when I'm about to wear makeup (aka every morning) so that my face could have a boost of moisture. And it doesn't ruin my makeup or make me feel greasy!


This was my first primer ever and I had been holding onto this stuff and repurchasing it for so long (few years probably). It is a good primer, but now that I've used a couple of others, I must say I'm not too keen on this. I like my primer a bit thicker in consistency than these. And also, these didn't do much good when it came to keeping my face matte all day long. But it does smooth out my skin, make my bigger pores less visible and it's one of the best products from Oriflame actually!

If you're regular reader of my blog, you know this is my favorite thing ever. It's one of my most recent repurchases, I ran out of my first bottle and bought another in a lighter shade this time and it matches me SO well. I couldn't be happier I managed to find it in the C2 shade, I used the C3 before and it was a tad too dark and pink on me. I'd actually love to get my hands on the lightest shade of theirs, the C1, butunfortunately I haven't seen that one in any of my local stores... I'm not going to rave more about this, you can read a full review with swatches here if you haven't already.

Last, but certainly not least, here's the nicest lip balm I have ever put on my lips! These two chapsticks are actually both empty and I need to get more ASAP. I'm loving the flavor of this, Acai & Wild Apple, so yummy and smells heavenly. Another thing, even though I don't like lip balms which leave a color on my lips, this one has such a lovely tint of a natural pink. Not only it moisturizes my lips and 100% prevents them from chapping all year round, but also has a nice, barely-there shade.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe even added something to your shoplist - I definitely recommend every single one of these products! And now I'm off to throw away these remaining empties, haha. Till the next time!



  1. Looove your blog, girlie! ^__^ nežinau, kodėl rašau angliškai, bet tebūnie. Kad ir kiti skaitytojai žinotų, kaip man patinka tavo blogytis. <3

    Anyway.. Now I really want to try Physiogel moisturizer, could you pleaaaase tell me where can I get it? And what's the price?

    Also, absolutely adore the lip balm from Nivea. Almost out of it and definitely gonna make a repurchase!

    Stay awesome! xx

    1. thank you for your kind words <3 I buy the moisturizer at a pharmacy, if I recall correctly it's up to 50lt

  2. I really love your blog, it is simple and easy to read. You need to share some of your photo tips :) <3 <3 <3

    Do you think the true match foundation is good on really dry skin? :/