Mar 8, 2014

PLAYLIST: Rosy Vibes

R O S Y  V I B E S

hello mon cher reader! It's SPRING, thus lets break out with positivity, shall we! I can't believe I've been browsing 8TRACKS for like forever and favorited so much playlists on there yet made none by myself.. But I've been piling up some songs for quite a while now and picked out the perfect 10 which reflect all things positive, uplifting and happy!

So click PLAY ^ there above and I hope this mix makes you wanna twirl around just like me haha. Also, you can follow me on 8tracks if you'd like to keep up with all the playlists I favorite and share on there. For the rest of this blog post, I picked out some pictures from MY INSTAGRAM that could serve these rosy vibes.



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