Feb 14, 2014

WINTER LOOKBOOK Page 4: "Pearls & Pleats"


hello mon cher reader! Adding a new outfit to my virtual Winter Lookbook today. Should have done it much earlier, I took the pictures last week! But me and a regular blogging haven't been too much of friends lately, so that's that. 

I honestly adore this dainty look. I love nothing more than a dress or skirt to swirl in and this H&M pleated one is doing the job just great. Although I've had troubles regarding what to wear with this dress as it is Winter and there's no way I'm gonna go to classes sleeveless. This pearly piece is such a great match, isn't it? What are your thoughts on this girly look? :^)

Catch up on the rest of my Winter Lookbook:

Till the next time!!


  1. You always look so gorgeous, and your style is so classic! :* xo

  2. i love the earthy, neutral tones of this outfit! a lovely alternative to the darker reds (and obviously black!) that usually dominate winter

    xo Sarah

  3. such a sweet outfit!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

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