May 3, 2014



Hello mon cher reader! Lets talk accessories. Lately I've been wearing so little of it! I totally broke free from my every day accessories routine which used to be earrings as a must, bracelets just as well and a necklace around my neck at all times. But currently I'm keeping it quite minimalistic, rocking the effortlessly chic, ya know. I no longer stack my bracelets, I'm not heading to a frickin' Coachella, so why'd I do that? I go for something tasteful and dainty instead. That's why I'd like to present you all the Lovein bracelets!

What's Lovein?
Lovein is a Lithuanian brand of handmade bracelets of cords and natural stones. And just let me tell you how much I'm in love with all of their range. Love at first sight it was! I immediately associated their jewelry with Summer and seaside and beaches and bikini and all beyond. Get it? Pebbles thrown into the shore, ropes being pulled in the ships. Ah I can't wait to wear this around my wrist when I'm lounging in a bikini.

Where can you get it?
You can find all of their range over at the tumblr blog of theirs here. You get to choose the color of the cord and the type of stone you desire to be attached to it. That way, you get a totally individual piece of jewelry!
So once you choose the bracelet you'd like to buy, you gotta message the ever so talented lady Eglė, who makes them. You can do that by going to the official Lovein facebook page and sending a message through there.
Don't get mislead by the lithuanian page, Lovein ships worldwide.

Let's go more into depth, shall we...
I chose a black cord and a deep purple crystal-looking stone and I love it! What do you think? Also, magnetic clasps are literally the best invention. Praise the magnet.

It surely did got my approval, gotta say it's one of my new favorite accessories now, yay! It's your turn to get one too! Tell me in the comments which Lovein bracelet would you like to wear? And if you buy one, you can put it up on instagram with a hashtag #loveinlt

So yeah, you can buy a bracelet by messaging the creator on Lovein facebook page, don't forget to visit their Instagram and Tumblr to decide what bracelet you'd like!

That's it for today, see you soon!



  1. Gorgeous!

    Love your blog btw, just been procrastinating around bloglovin' hahaha. I've followed you know so can't wait to read more :)

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.