Apr 30, 2014


WHAT UP READERS!1!!!1!! *cough cough* I meant hello mon cher reader, we do not 'waddup' here on très queentastic now do we? Okay I don't know what happened here, all I know is I'm here with my favorites of the month of April. Before I jump into my favorites, I want to make one thing clear. I don't want my it to be beauty/makeup based post with a brief mention of music/tv at the end. I just want you to know that all the contents of every criteria are loved equally. I just felt like I needed to point that out for some reason haha okay let's begin then.


It's no news (or is it?) that my beauty purchases are more or less influenced by other bloggers and youtubers, so I have Rachel Whitehurst to thank for introducing me to this Maybelline eye liner. I have never, not in million years, imagined myself using a gel eye liner. It used to seem so much effort and I felt like you need to be a pro at mastering the art of eye liner to use a gel one.  But it immediately caught my attention when Rachel said she'd never switch to another gel liner now that she uses this one.  Well I don't see myself buying any other liner too! It glides perfectly, you can create the thinnest line or a bold one with a brush that comes with it. It stays on all day and I have absolutely no trouble wiping it off with a makeup remover, it doesn't stain afterwards or anything. Such a neat and easy-to-use product! Comes in a loveliest glass pot which is always a plus.

Next up, I have this eye shadow from Essence, a gorgeous coral shade. The thing is, I haven't been using it on my lids (rebel alert), but as a blush. It's very well pigmented so I need just a few swipes across my cheeks for an instant summery look. But I also have plans for a bright shimmery coral eye in the future!

APRIL FAVORITESI swear, this body mist from Rituals is an actual spring in a bottle! It's not sickly sweet flowers kind of scent, but a very fresh one with a subtle hint of early blooming in the spring (hence its name Blossom Water, I guess). It doesn't stay for too long, but then again it's a body mist, not perfume. But it's better to have a faint, barely-there scent lingering rather than no scent at all, or maybe that's just my philosophy! 

Moving on, here's a macadamia beauty oil I've been using for most of the past month. Now I've had this bottle for quite some time but I stopped using it after seeing no improvement in my hair. But then I started to use it on all of the dry areas on my body. Elbows, knees, any dry patches, I'd even rub it on my legs after shaving. However, my most beloved use of it is on my face. It's no news that you should treat oily skin with oil and I think this one kind of has my acne under control for now... I still get a few breakouts every now and then, but certainly not as much as I'd get like a month ago. So I've been loving this thingy this past month.

Lastly, I'd like to share my love for this lip gloss by NYX. Again, this purchase is made because of a youtuber and this time it was the lovely Estée. She recommended these butter glosses for those who wouldn't consider themselves a lip gloss person or something. So this totally speaks to me. Like, I'm all about matte, especially when it comes to my lips. But these glosses seemed so appealing for some reason and whoa I wish I had every single color of their range now. I love how pigmented and build-able they are. You can do just a one dip into the tube and have a semi-neutral lip for school or you can put heaps of it for a gorgeous, delish looking lips for going out. (But it breaks my heart how over-priced NYX is in Lithuania... They have butter glosses for five bucks across the ocean arghh so not fair!)


Meeewsic of April! Been listening to so much different stuff this month, but hey I always do. Something that significantly stands out is the soundtrack of Divergent. I've had it on repeat for literally 5 days straight after I had seen the movie. I'm not even sure whether I drooled over how perfect the movie and the whole story was delivered or been melting in a puddle in a movie theater because the soundtrack choices deserved an award. Anyone agrees? 

Here are some more stuff my ears enjoyed throughout the month of April: "Shake, Shake, Shake" by Bronze Radio Return, the Thomas Jack remix of "Little Talks", "Alright" by The Wild Wild, "I love LA" by Emblem3, "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith. 

Oh, and this month has been the I-should-be-at-Coachella time of the year, so I've been jamming to numerous Coachella playlists on 8tracks, because #NoChella4me.

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For the movies, it must be a tie between "Divergent" Divergent (2014) on IMDb and "The Grand Budapest Hotel" The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) on IMDb . I loved them for absolutely different reasons and it's really impossible to compare these two. As I said, I'm so glad the Divergent movie managed to carry out the story of the book so faithfully and accordingly, also casting and soundtrack choices were truly impressive. I could go on and on how I loved it but since I'm no film expert I'm not gonna go into it because I'll just babble about how perfect Tris' lashes were. 

Whilst the latter was a great YA book adaptation, The Grand Budapest Hotel is truly a work of art. Like, I don't even know where to begin, all I can say is that I'm so thankful that out of all the billions and billions of galaxies and solar systems and planets I was born into the planet that has Wes Anderson on it.

Speaking of TV series... Probably just like the most of you who are still in school, I've had a spring break and its highlight definitely has been The Following. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS SHOW. I downed two seasons of it throughout my spring break, oh I love nothing more than having a bunch of episodes rather than only one a week. It's a mystery/action kind of show, and it preoccupied me to the screen within the very first minutes. And now that the second season has ended a few days ago, I have a The-Following-shaped hole in my life and I need something similar. Suggestions?


Now that's quite a blog post, isn't it. I swear, either I don't write anything (like my previous post) or I write sheets and sheets of text. If you made it this far and are now reading this, you must be a truly devoted reader and ILYSM. Hope you've had a lovely April, see you soon!

bisou bisou,


  1. DIVERGENT!!! I. loved. the. movie. I know it wasn't a work of art but I was definitely happy with how they adapted it (at least most of it). And let's be honest--Four/Tobias is so darn hot. The soundtrack was incredible as well! The other movie I watched for the first time I really enjoyed is an older one: Stuck in Love. Also, love how you edit your photos!
    Lovely Notions

    1. Thank you Amber : ) Yay, glad we share the love for Divergent! Oh, I've seen Stuck in Love, wasn't too impressed by it though haha